Antioch, CA photos and content by Clarkie

I was invited up to Antioch to meet a local 11 year old ripper, Luis Martinez. He was amazing! He was as interesting to talk to, (over a lunch of Taco Bell chow), as he was to watch skate. At the park, we hooked up with a couple other local rippers, Dennis Deaver (16) and Justin Williams (13). The energy on that freezing day was wild from eager kids volunteering to be human obsticles in gargabe cans, to a well-waxed grammar school, to just some plain old what I call real skating—parking lot mudpuddles. It was very hard to decide which pics to post here because there were too many to choose from and these guys were good. But, so we won't crash everybody's browsers, here are just a few of my favorites.

Thanks guys, for contributing to the delinquency of Real Skate; I had a great time in spite of freezing my butt off! Shout outs to all the skaters in Antioch, I hope to come back some day and shoot you all!

Luis - ollie Louis - kickflip
Dennis - indy grab Justin - ollie
Luis - indy grab Dennis - kickflip


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