Mike Fox Skatepark - City of Santa Cruz

Major Victory in Oakland!

Skaters were highly successful in negociating the DIY skatepark stay open. Future discussions, no doubt, but WOW. Thanks to everyone who supported this, especially the Politicians who got on skaters bandwagon! (posted 8/5)

Help Oakland Skaters Save Underfreeway Skatepark

The story:

Please email Mayor Jerry Brown to protest the tearing down of this park skaters built themselves.

(posted 8/3)

Toy Skateparks - (9/23/03) an interactive page concerning the influx of playground equipment companies calling themselves "park builders" and the problems they bring to the skateboard industry.

Please sign the petition to give LOVE Park back to the skaters — yeah! (click the logo) Thanks!

UPDATE: I think the petition is still ongoing. You may have heard that DC Shoes offered the Mayor of Phili 1mil to cover any damages to Love that skaters might impose in the next few years. They were shined on, the Mayor refused the money!

Older Park Issues Sent in From Around the World
An interesting collection of some hellish experiences some cities have had getting skateparks built.



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