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Hunter Clifft

Meet Hunter from in Camden, Tennessee. You've read some about Hunter here and his amazing skateboard testing project. Hunter is 17 and plans to go to college in the fall of 2006. No doubt, he's planning to study material engineering at either MIT, University of Tennessee, University of Rochester, or Milwaukee School of Engineering. With his background no doubt one of these schools will scoop him up.

Hunter skates street every day or on his home made 6ft. half pipe and boxes and ramps. Camden doesn't have a skatepark but, you guessed it, Hunter is working hard advocating for one. He is also number one on his high school tennis team and has spent the last three summers volunteering as a youth leader with the West Tennessee 4-H summer camp. Busy guy!

And as we know, he tests skateboards. Companies send him decks to test as they have come to rely on his accuracy and honesty. The decks he gets from companies (that hold up to the tests) he takes to skateparks and gives to underprivileged kids. He trys to put trucks and wheels on some of the decks for kids that can't afford them. So you guys sending Hunter decks, please also flow him some wheels and trucks if you can for a good cause.

Unfortunately Hunter is going to be laid up a bit this summer as he broke his ankle skateboarding. (And cities want to put helmets on skateboarders!) But that won't stop him for long. He has more testing to do and plans to add on to his ramps. You get well soon, Hunter, keep those skateboard companies honest, and a very special thank you a bunch for being my hunk!


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