Art Bars Premiere
(Foundation Team Video) by Julio Martin

Sketchy weather doesn't scare skateboarders, evident from the long lines to enter Spreckels Theater despite light showers. Security lived up to its purpose of being stupid, making me take my camera back to the car and afterwards saying that cameras ARE allowed. So excuse the lack of indoor pictures.

art barsWhat you're missing was a bunch of drunk and passed out pros in the bathroom, and a kick ass skate video. And Ed throwing firecrackers in my seat. Damn the pros and their vantage point balcony seating! Anyway, the video kicked ass, go watch it, reading about it doesn't do it justice. So go search your couch for loose change and buy the damn thing.


Someone screwed up Markovich's part, treating us to about a minute of green screen. I think skateboarders are allergic to green screens because it made everyone in the room start screaming and throwing stuff. Damn freaks! You'd think our fair share of fun was just about over by now, but you're wrong. Thanks to the San Diego Pig Dept. our share was extended by quite a bit! It was all a blur, but it went something like this: Drunk skateboarder accidentally hits his head on a Spreckels window outside, security tells him to get out, and he tells security to fuck off. Security, thinking they are the equivalent of God, decide to get physical. This would have been pretty hilarious, except here comes a bike cop on his merry way and sees this, and decides that HE should be God, and basically the skater gets thrown to the ground and fucks up his head on the curb. Scuffle scuffle, about 20 cops more show up, and ta da the night is over. Again thank security for the lack of pictures.

Caffeine rules.



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