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Willy Santos

Well well if it isn't my favorite skater! Yup, always said that; always will. I had to catch Willy for the hunk spot soon, because he is gettin hitched next summer. No fair putting up a hunk that isn't really up for grabs.

I've first met WillyS quite a while ago. He was one of our flow riders for Union Wheels. He worked at Birdhouse at the time and I use to call him there. Can you imagine calling a skateboard company and having the second top pro answer the phone? I think Birdhouse has more than likely hired a real receptionist by now.

Willy is awesome. I was always impressed not only by his skating technique, but also his politeness, not just to me but to everybody. He eagerly answered all his fan mail and I know how important that is to kids.

As you know, Willy is still sponsored by Birdhouse, among others, and is also one of Vans top pros. And if that's not enough to keep a guy busy, he has his own business. Willy's Workshop in San Diego, where you can go in and buy a skateboard and get a haircut while you wait for it to be set up!

Willy, thank you for being my hunk; I love you along with the rest of the skate world. Congrats on the hitchin; what a lucky girl!



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