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Danny McDonald


Remember that yellow ribbon I had on my front page for a couple of months after the war broke loose? Well, it was for Danny and it brought him home just a few weeks ago. If you can detect any gray hairs on my head, it's all due to Danny. I knew, of course, he was in the Marines and we'd kept in touch here and there as he was stationed in California. Then I get a call from him saying "Hey Clarkie, I'm back." "From where?" "Afghanistan." "When did you go there?" "On 9/11." First gray hair!

So, I invited Danny up to Santa Cruz for some R & R, boogieboarding, and a few cocktails at my favorite club at the beach. I was so happy to see him, he's a sweetie. I've known Danny since he was in high school. He said he doubted he would ever be shipped out again, since his 4-year term was almost up. In March, I got a letter from Danny, "Hey Clarkie, I'm in Kuwait, waiting orders to cross into Iraq." I screamed, and could feel more gray hairs popping up! I scurried to get a care package ready to send, as by the time I got the letter I could tell from his address info that he was with the front line Marines, already in Iraq.

I worried and worried, and stayed glued to the television, getting to know all the terms and each embedded reporter. I never got another letter from him, and turns out he only got one of five letters I sent, and never got the care package. I'm going to duplicate that care package for him, only I don't think he'll need the baby wipes this time! Anyway, Danny is out, he's home in Michigan to see his family and friends and after that ready to start a new civilian life with much more perfume and much less testosterone here in California, and I have bought several bottles of hair color.

Danny is 23, tall, and has the most beautiful blue eyes (not shown) and smile. He use to skate in high school in MI but he had to travel to the next town to be accepted, (remind anybody of the good old outlaw skating days), now that's dedication. He is an avid snowboarder and can't wait for that good old sunny California snow! I love Danny, he's a sweetie, thank you and peace to you Danny!

And peace to you too dear children! I think your pal Danny has helped to make your future a little brighter.


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