Corn Doggie Dog CD Review - by Ryde

"Good Clean Filth"

I never quite knew how to take these guys, but I guess there's no sense in trying to read any deeper than what's on the surface. This is the third CD release by CCD. The 1/2 LB is a streaming cast of punk musicians that are all connected to each other in friendship and music. And I'm behind most anyone who supports independent music, skating and boarding. The more I listen to "Good Clean Filth" the more I like it. If you're looking for a real tight-knit sound then keep looking. But if you're into hearing some kick-ass musicians do what they do the best...and that's being pissed and jammin some good Indie-punk then this is for you.
      You won't find this stuff on any of the major labels. The present cast includes people like Randy Bradbury (Pennywise), Kenny Ybarra, Eric Wilson (LBDAS), Trey Pangborn (LB Short Bus, Falling Idols), Greg Lowther, Bud Gough (LBDAS), Todd "Z-Man" Zalkins of Sublime video fame, and quite a few others from the independent music scene.
      Some cuts are from the studio and some are recorded live from an assortment of small club venues. It's all rough cut but you can tell that these guys are having fun with what they do best. There are a lot of punk styles here that merge together and jam some versions of classic Falling Idols stuff, some strange remakes of Vanilla Ice, Ozzy, and Mellancamp songs. And of course there's the weird spoken word and comedy bits of Z-Man, himself.
      It's definitely R-rated. I don't know who's carrying the new 1/2 LB. CD but it can be found at

long beach records


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