Markus Schweingruber
5-0 Fakie Bassersdorf, Zurich


Introduction by Ross Camardo, Mildenhall, Suffolk England

A few months ago I had the opportunity to visit Christy in Switzerland and get to know her pretty well. I watched her risk her camera, let alone her body, taking pictures during a contest and out on the street, getting up close to the action, and getting into good positions to get the best pic she could. I watched her out on the course, snapping away with a big smile on her face whenever she captured a phat trick.

While talking to Christy about her pictures, you can tell how much she loves what she does. Still, relatively a newcomer and still gaining that much-needed experience that all up-and-coming photographers need, I can already see a lot of talent in her pics, some of which are upon this page. I hope that whoever is reading this will agree that when all is said and done, Christy has a bright future ahead of her if she sticks with it (and pays less attention to her own criticism!)

Currently, as I write this, Christy is applying to colleges in California and is hoping that when she gets out there, she will be able to take more pictures and meet more skaters. You never know, maybe she'll get a job doing the thing she loves. Wish we could all be that lucky.

Shooting Switzerland story and photos by Christina Dutler

For those of you who still think that in Switzerland we all live on the Alps like lil' Heidi and that old dude I am sorry, but you guys are wrong. (Well, okay, there might still be some old dudes like that out here). Besides chocolate, cows, cheese, and watches we have a bunch of really kick-ass skaters and some sick cities with spots where you don't get busted from hitting the curbs and grinding your trucks, so better check it out!

Andreas Tschenett
K-grind, San Deigo, CA
Simon Schär
K-grind, Block 37, Switzerland





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