courtesy of Santoro Graphics


Josh Long

I didn't have to go far to find this hunk. Only 4 cubicles down! Yup, Josh and I work together in the marketing department of a company that strives to make people have fun! No, we are not a dating service believe it or not.

And Josh knows how have fun. In his spare time if there is any big air to be found he catches it. Hand this guy a skateboard, bmx, motorcycle, wakeboard, snowboard, and he's launched!

Josh is 20 and full of life. In fact I think he has nine lives. He had an encounter with gravity during a motocross competition which left him forgetting who we were there for a while. But he's back in action and cute as can be, would any of you ladies disagree?

Josh, thank you for being a good sport and being my hunk for this month. I love working with you; you're a sweetheart. My thank-you gift is an imaginary parachute so we can keep your sweet smile around a while! Stay healthy baby.



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