... I feel the young people
of today will carry a brighter torch than any of us of earlier days have ignited and held aloft."
Ansel Adams     


Photo Gallery (continued)

Welcome to our Gallery! For those of you entering this page through the SLAP message boards, we want to thank a handle named "SLEAZY" for the link. He is very impressed with the photographic skills of all the skaters, parents, grandparents and whoever happens to have a camera at the time from all over the world who have submitted pics for our gallery. Thanks for all the hits Sleazy! —Clarkie 4/1/07

Argie—Grab off a launch ramp                                           photo by Stac

Jason Arnold, San Jose, CA—360 flip        photo by Brandon Capplett

Joey Ruiz, San Jose, CA—FS Railslide         photo by Brandon Capplett
Kevin Galvin, San Jose, CA—Switch heel    photo by Brandon Capplett
Chris Canning, BC—Heelflip off ledge                 photo by Kentle Richie
Chris Canning, Newfoundland—Roof gap ollie     photo by Kentle Richie
Josh Isaacs floating over the box at Connections - SLC, Utah     photo by Scott Estes
Zach— Morgan Hill, California - K-grind             photo by Brenden Hayes
Matt aka Boardguy(3) from Ohio - Indy Grab photo by Brandon
Matt aka Boardguy(3) from Ohio - Kickflip        photo by Brandon
Matt (Boardguy3) from Ohio 6-stair ollie photo by Brian
Matt from NC — 50-50 grind                                          photo by Renee
Skater unknown—ollie over hip                       photo by Justin Kaamasee
Skater unknown—air over hip                        photo by Justin Kaamasee
Unknown skater, Reno NV                              photo by Justin Kaamasee
Unknown skater, Reno NV—gap photo by                                Justin Kaamasee
Sam Cook, Reno                                            photo by Justin Kaamasee
Chris Williamson, Reno                                 photo by Justin Kaamasee




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