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Girls Kick Ass! ®  Always have, always will     — nuff said.
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Skater Gurlz!

Des from Nazareth, PA - Ollie down a two step
Des from Nazareth, PA - Boardslide
Des from Nazareth, PA - Ollie off a ramp
Des from Nazareth, PA - Kickflip
Ani Kellogg - Emily Machado shot our girl Ani at a recent
All Girl Skate Jam in Huntington Beach.
Ani Kellogg at AGSJ- photo by Emily Machado
Ani Kellogg at AGSJ- photo by Emily Machado
Ani Kellogg at AGSJ - photo by Emily Machado
Crystal Solomon, Cherry Skateboards Pro                 photo Jennifer Valenzuela
Louise Leslie and "Bodaga" of Vancouver B.C.         photo Angie Roussin
Louise Leslie bombing hill                           photo Angie Roussin
Louise Leslie more bombing!                               photo Angie Roussin
Michelle Kelley, St. Louis MO, kickflip to disaster on spine  photo unknown
Michelle Kelley, St. Louis Mo, kickflip to fakie          photo unkknown


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