San Diego Hall of Champions

Tony Hawk was honorably inducted into the San Diego Hall of Champions and Real Skate was invited to witness this blessed event. This was Julio's first Real Skate assignment. With no real camera, no real set of instructions; just go there, he did a dang good job with what he had to work with. Unfortunately most of the Tony memorabilia was behind glass; a photographer's nightmare! Especially when you are not quite yet a photographer.

Tony Hawk


Anyway, wearing his bright red Real Skate staff shirt Julio got to meet Tony, chill a bit, and gave him our business card. He stuck it in his pocket, so we're hoping Tony will log on to our "Shout it Out" board and help answer some of our trick tip questions.


Congratulations and thanks Tony, this was probably the 600th flash to go off your face in one sitting. And thanks to the Hall of Champions Museum, that's awesome you inducted a grimy skateboarder. Will we be seeing a skateboard on your flyer among those balls? And thank you the most, Julio.



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