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Patrik Lindqvist

Well guess what, I have found another photographer hunk! (Big surprise.) This one kind of fell right into my lap, well not literally.

Patrik contacted me a while ago asking if I wanted coverage of the upcoming X-Games in Sydney. I said yup, and we got him in (see story in "articles"). [to come]

Patrik is 26 years old, and a Swedish citizen. He was born in Kalmar (the south east coast of Sweden, 500km south of Stockholm).

His interest in photography began 3 years ago when he bought a camera in New Zealand, and fell for it when he pressed the shutter release for the first time. He continued his travels and ended up in Stanton (Austria) where he started taking photos of friends into competitive skiing.

Now he is studying photography in Nambour in Australia "just to get the hang of working in the studio and the option of hanging out on the beach with Australian girls," he says. He himself is active in skiing, motor-cross, climbing, windsurfing, and diving just to name a few.

Well, Patrik, I have a beach too and I'd hang out with you any time! Thanks for being my 1st hunk of the year, it's going to be a good year!

[This one's for you Yin, how did I do?]


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