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Interview with Jazi and the Twilight Zone Posse (TZP) of Switzerland—Dektor, Esprit, Jag, and Jeko by Christy Dutler

I've been checkin' out your homepage and I have to say I absolutely dig your style man! What does graffiti mean to you and what got you into it, when did you start ?

Graffiti for me it's a way to expressing our current era. I wanted to paint after I came back from New York (I know this not very original). I only began to paint a few years later. The first graff I made was in 1998 on the wall 600 feet away from my house.

Where do you get your ideas?

My ideas come from anything and nothing, for instance, the shape of a motorcycle or the color of a billboard can be value source of inspiration. I try to pay attention at what goes around me.

How important is STYLE for you when you write and do you think graffiti is art?

The "style" is very important to me even though, I think it is always better to excel in all categories.

How about music, do you think there is any connection between music and graffiti?

Yes, there is a sort of connection but it more like a abstract feeling, we all know it influence us and many other things.

Is graffiti a kind of drug?

Oh yes!

What would you do if you couldn't write anymore?

I would like to continue to draw, maybe draw cartoons, but if I loose a arm ha!!! I'll try to paint with my feet.

Do you think more legal graffiti would stop writers from doing illegal graffiti?

No, I don't think so, because making an illegal graffiti it's a unique experience, however to paint on a train it is usually less stressful.

What is your opinion of legal offers?

As long it's profitable, it does not bother me, it is all such an opportunity for us to expand our art into new frontier. Finally, I think it is important to paint just for fun!!!

What's up in Lausanne and Geneva (French part of Switzerland). I personally think the scene there is pretty good, am I wrong?

Christy, I come from Geneva. I know in Lausanne it is happening all over town. I don't know how big they are but I know they are pretty active. In Geneva we cannot complain, even though we are not many writers, I think we are pretty active.

How are the connections to writers in other countries?

Thanks to the Internet, now it is a lot easier to communicate with other countries. Even though, the Internet brought us closer, it is still difficult to travel where you want.

Have you ever been to New York or does this city has a meaning for you?

Yes, I've been to New York two or three times. I like this city, however I don't like the intense stress of a large city. Of course, New York is where the graffiti movement developed. I like this city especially for the large melting pot of cultures.

Do you look up on any writers or are there styles out there you really dig (like)?

If I look at someone else's graff I usually look for new spraying technique. It is true whenever you see someone else graff, you are pretty sure it may stay in your head and may come back to you in a different form.

How did you and your crew members hooked up? How long has your crew existed?

I meet most of my friends through the practice of my hobby. The crew exists since 1995. It has changed since the beginning and many members have left the crew. However, for the last 2 to 3 years the crew has remained the same, except for Jag who does not paint as much.

How do you see yourself in future?

I don't know. Maybe with paint at the tip of my fingers.

Now a few words... just tell me what gets in your mind:
—Quality or quantity—The quantity does not worth the quality
—Oldschool or newschool—No old school therefore there is no new school
—Trainbombing—Where everything started
—Chicks who write—I like it. I think this brings a new dimension to this evolving art

Any last words you wanna say? Greetings or thanks... ?

Yes, Thanks to you Jacques, recevient nous voir, toi aussi Jacky. Big Shouts out to Seaz, Dyske, Duro, Case, Esprit, Jeks, Deks, Jag. Loomit, Dare, Kesy, Reso merci d'être passer par Genčve. Et les autres aussi. Christy thanks for your patience. Yo, D.J. Davo and Kams. OneLove Hân. —From Jazi from da Twilight ZoneŠ2000

So, I guess that's it. Thanks, Jazi, for answering all my questions! For you peeps out there, check out his homepage, it is worth it:

Artwork courtesy of the TZP website



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