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Jai Tanju

This tall, helmeted skater took a spot on the bench next to me where I was shooting at the new Van's Park Media/VIP opening in Milpitas, CA. He asked "So, do you think these are tungsten lights?" Before even looked at him closely, I looked up at the lights and having already assessed the situation, shook my head quickly saying, "no way—we're talking fluorescent here—I'm shooting color so it's flash all the way for me today." He reaches down and opens what I notice is a professional metal camera case.

Thinking *oh shit* I realize I'm talking to a professional photographer here—something I tried hard to put out of my self-intimidating mind being around so many pro everything's that day. He goes, "You might try this, and hands me a roll of 3200 b&w Illford.

That was so sweet (hunk criteria number 1). I took the film and said "Well thank you," and with the other hand reached out for a handshake. I was so embarrassed, I knew who he was but couldn't place him. I introduced myself and said "who are you?" He said, "I'm Jai." I'm all "Oh of course, Jai, sorry."

We had kinda heard of each other and talked a little bit about who we are and what we do. I talked a little about Real Skate, and then it hit me! *big black eyelashes - brown eyes - and NICE! We're talkin hunk of the month material*

So, I asked him if he would be my next Real Skate hunk. He said "What do I have to do?" I said, "Nuthin, just sit right where you are and let me take your picture, and just be a hunk! I informed him that hunks of the month are very popular on Real Skate. He said "Can I list my phone number?" I didn't think that was a good idea, but I said "yeah sure." Jai threw off his helmet and I shot this shot. I gave him my card, asked him if I should keep the film, thanked him, and ran off without getting any more important info on him. Oh well, at least I have his phone number!

Jai is a bay area skater, and shoots for Skateboarder Magazine. We will feature more on Jai when he returns from vacation and I can do a decent interview with him. Thank you Jai, you're a true hunk!

Oh yeah....Psych! I almost forgot! (wow, a mistake like this could possibly bring in 100 angry e-mails from my female readers)...

Jai's home phone number is (408) 555-HUNK







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