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From Neal Hendrix 9/7/03
How's it going, just read the "Nebraska we have a problem" story on your site and wanted to let you know what the "vert dawgs" that you were referring to really think about skateboarding in the Olympics. We, just like you and Dave Carnie and everyone else in skateboarding, are appalled at the thought of skateboarding in the Olympics and we know how evil the IOC and USOC are and have heard all of the horror stories from snowboarders and everyone else. That being said ever since we heard that a roller skating organization was designated as the governing body by the IOC we wanted to make sure that someway, somehow the skaters would have a voice. We don't (as UPSA) necessarily want to be an organizing body or a sanctioning body we just want to have a voice. It's one of those things where if it's going to happen it's going to happen and all you can hope for is that the skaters and people that do know what's up could help make something like that be a positive thing and maybe even help grow skateboarding rather than butcher it like I'm sure these fools in Nebraska would do. Thanks, I really enjoyed the article as well as the rest of the site.
[Editor's Note: Neal's letter is also posted on the Articles page concerning USA Rollersports under "Nebraska We Have a Problem."]

From Tom Miller, 9/16/03
An open letter to Andy Macdonald from Portland skaters
Re: Bad Pro Endorsement Deals

BULLSHIT ON BAD ENDORSEMENTS—Every American has a Constitutionally protected right to earn a living in a manner he or she sees fit within the boundaries of law. Skaters that companies deem appropriate to serve as spokespersons for certain products are certainly free to endorse any such product, however ridiculous. The question of endorsement savvy, then, is not one of law but something subtler. It's called tact.
     Andy Macdonald is a skater of inarguable tenacity and skill. I, myself, will never match his lines. Like most readers, I'm among the mass of nameless, faceless skaters who continue to ride, in part, because of inspiration derived from guys like Andy. We're the people whose passion for skateboarding keeps his paychecks coming and this entire industry afloat. I fully defend Andy's right to represent himself as a skater in any situation he deems appropriate. But it's time to have a word with Andy and his ilk.
      Every time you guys endorse a product it reflects on the revered way of life we all share as skateboarding. Andy, you guys are so good you make a living at it. A damn good living. When I say "damn good" I don't mean to imply a certain sum of money. Any amount of money earned through pursuit of passion like skateboarding is damn good. If you guys need a lesson you can trade places with me any day; I sit behind a desk for 40 hours/week.
      So what's up with endorsing pathetic product that we all know disserves the long-term interests of our revered way of life? Let's just focus on one such product: prefabricated skatepark set-ups generated by playground companies. Andy, you guys know the session ain't on at some bogus plastic setup. Is it just a paycheck to you? I appreciate your desire to earn a living through skateboarding. It's an incredible opportunity, and yes, you should make the most of it. But it's not just about you. You need to understand you're ruining our session—the sacred altar, the only thing that matters in skateboarding. When you guys endorse this stuff, duped city officials buy it. They distrust and disrespect the experience of guys like me who have been skating for 25 years imploring them to hire a design/construction team comprised of people that skate. Do you guys get it?
      While you travel the globe getting paid to session with friends experiencing what we can only dream we're slugging it out at home with the bureaucrats who know nothing about skateboarding. We're just everyday inconsequential skaters; they don't trust us like they trust a pro-skater endorsed sales pitch from a bankrolled playground equipment company who recognizes profit to be seized in the current surge of city skateparks. Your paycheck sells out the session for all of us. You run off to the next stop on the celebrity skate parade while we get stuck with 4-foot prefab nonsense. If you weren't jet setting and had only your local prefab park to skate you too would curse the name of the professional skater who endorsed it. Hard feelings, then, are inevitable, but I'd rather be productive about this.
      I write this humble plea asking for mutual respect, foresight, and yes, tact. Andy—all of you—think about the repercussions of what you endorse before you scoop up a check. We're spending literally years of our lives begging for real skateparks. We need your support. You're rolling the high life in a serious way—thanks to us. Show some respect already and ditch these profiteers who care not at all about the quality of our session. Are you guys cool enough to respect that?

Skaters for Portland Skateparks

[Editor's Note: This letter is also posted on our Skateparks page see "Toy Skateparks."]

From Deniz 9/27/03
What's Up Guys? I really don't care about what people say bout me. I'm fat but I'm still a good skater and just don't care bout the shit what they say. The only reason why I don't care is cause Skating is always fun for me. I'm skating in my Holidays and just street no pipes. Skating could never get anything really serious for me. But I want to Skate as long as I can in my life because it's the best sport on the world. In the past never were such a good sport and in the future won't be something better I'm sure bout that. That's it guys now ya know what's on my mind bout Skating. You got a be free and never listen to somebody that's the way how I do it. Stay in Peace.

[Editor's Note: Right on Deniz! You are a real skater. People who insult other people have problems themselves. Sometimes they are jealous, sometimes they are just not happy about themselves so they try and make others look bad. But it doesn't work, it backfires on them and makes them look like fools. Keep on skating and thinking the way you do, and peace to you too and thank you for your great letter.]

From Becky Taylor 11/25/03
Hi. I'm an 11 year old girl who got into skateboarding last month. I love your site and think it's sweet. The memorial page is sad. The Dogs on Boards and Girls on Boards is cool though. Keep it up. Well, I want to be a good skater someday and an artist maybe. Well, I already am but still I'm not recognized. If I send you a picture will you post it on your site? I'm thinking of a dog skateboarding on it's hind legs with clothes on like a human. Well, I'll send it to you after I draw it. C Ya around!

[Editor's Note: Whew, I was worried you were going to make a real dog do that! Sure, I will post it on Dogz on Boardz. Thanks for writing, Becky, we appreciate your nice compliments.]


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