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Ethan Parish & Josh Parish

We've got double trouble this month. These hunks are cousins, their dads are brothers. I met these guys on a photo shoot I did for their grand and gramps wedding anniversary.

Even though they were all dudded up, later at the reception I could tell they were skaters. I guess when it's in your blood you can be easily spotted. Or maybe it was the way they were acting when I made them pose with the family for zillions of shots. Their noses must have been mighty itchy inside!

Ethan (left) lives in a hill area so he can be seen in a blur from time to time bombing them. He is 12, prefers street over parks. He lives in the country and has a wide assortment of pets. Tony Hawk and Bam Margera are his favorite pros.

Josh, 15 is a bmx'er and skater and skates mostly parks. He lives near a good one. Kareem Campbell is his favorite pro. Josh lives in the city so unfortunately, is limited to just one cat.

Thanks for being my hunks, guys it was fun meeting you and I hope to see you again soon! *noogies*



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