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Gabe Smith

Meet Gabe with dirty hands! Gabe is on my staff, in fact he was staying at my house at the time Real Skate began. You've seen him lots of times, the fire hydrant picture I use as my template cornerstone is Gabe! I can't believe that ollie, with only a few tries and very little film left in my camera, well I think it's short of amazing! I call that hydrant, which is just a block away, "The Gabe."

And Gabe is an amazing skater, Jason Strubing, who he worked for, use to call him the 100% skateboarder. After he left California he went to Detroit and was AM for Danforth's company, Stink Skateboards. There he got into filming and made the team video "Free Manure."

Gabe's "NOMAD" tattoo describes him well. Now at age 23 he is in Seattle and getting into music. He is with a group, called The Analog Druids with Ben (aka ADruid) on drums, Matt (aka Slopgnar) on bass and Gabe (aka Gnarstar) on guitar, though they like to switch a lot and play around with flutes, chimes, etc. Check out their website at where you can listen in on some of their live jam sessions.

I better stop before he gets pissed at me braggin on him! But that's Gabe, sweet Gabe, he's a hunk dirty hands and all, my dog 3! Thank you for being a hunk my sweet Gnarstar, and wherever you may roam we will always be the tightest of friends!


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