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Richard Holland

While I am temporarily disabled my hunks of choice are going to have to shoot themselves and narrate. Richard didn't do so bad, he bought a disposable camera for the occasion and his pics are actually a little artsy. Meet my hunk and friend, Richard, he's a very honest guy. Thank you Rich!

Well hello, I can't believe you are here to read this and look at my nudes. I was so very bashful at first, but then when Clarkie told me how hot it would be, well lets just say the animal in me came out.

I'm 22 years old, live in Utah, and I like girls.

I started skateboarding when I was fourteen and have been going strong since then. My set up is Zoo York deck, Indy trucks, The Satori Movement wheels, and Lucky black beauty bearings. I enjoy books, music, and all around fun.

Clarkie says I should talk about the type of girl I like, that type is YOU, if you are a girl that is. My photographs are wonderful because I'm a professional photographer, with a professional camera [busted]. I call it my piece. My favorite food just happens to be scones and my favorite drink is either green tea, silk soy milk, or orange crush (in the glass bottles). I do not smoke and I hope you do not either because we won't be able to make out if you do.

My best skateboarding trick is the 'power slide' I know you can't even fathom the power of this 'power slide' nor the complexities of pulling off such a trick, but don't feel bad because most pros can not even do it right. I do not like Eminem or Good Charlotte. Thank you for looking at my nudes [busted again, he was not in the nude]. Wish I could make out with Clarkie. [liar]

Love with many hugs and kisses,




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