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Julio Martin

Born on the day after April Foo's day in Argentina 19 years ago, Julio has been around. Besides Argentina (where he was the neighborhood ace bmx'er), he's lived in Brazil, New York, Canada, Los Angeles, Tuscon (where the u-haul blew up), and currently calls San Diego home. Julio has been skating for 4 years and is a smart computer guy as well. He graduated two years early from high school with a 4.0! Wow, to be tall, dark, handsome AND smart! What a hunk!

I sent Julio into the wild world of the ASR Trade Show this year to attend a meeting in my absence and write an article on it. I knew he had writing skills, and would probably be one of the few men able to control himself among the green spray painted, bare breasted ladies and the go-go dancers with BIG pink hair! Ya never know what distractions there might be at the ASR as retailers attempt to buy skateboards, surfboards, and clothing.

But, mission accomplished; the article is in the "articles and interviews" section of Real Skate. Julio's fine presentation of himself and involvement in the meeting of minds who support skateboarding, may land him a real job on a magazine with the SPA/IASC (skateboard organizations). Way to go Julio!

Julio adores ladies and is a mighty fine hunk; I'd highly recommend him! If you would like to contact him, click on his nose! Thank you Julio, you're a sweetheart!




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