Skrewface   by sose

[Note: Sose, (Danny Larson) died in a skateboarding accident July 4, 2001. RIP]

Skateboarding has given me many, many things: happiness beyond compare and new places to name only a couple. But most of all, it has helped me acquire some amazing friends. One case in point: Skrewface.
      He's not just a rapper that has been involved with skateboarding for three quarters of his life. In addition to my friend, he's what I prefer to call real. Having been a crazy hiphop head since it was cool to call it rap, around 1980, I've seen and heard a lot. In my opinion, one cannot even consider calling him or herself a 'rapper' unless he/she can, with zero preparation, on a whim, serve any challenger to the point of embarrassment and/or tears. I'm not talking about battling with verses you came up with on a notebook some 6 months ago. You gotta be able to freestyle or you got nothin. I could never do it, still can't, never will. Skrewface can and does without hesitation.
      Challenge him and you'll walk away thinking, "damn, why'd he have to go and do me like that??" Don't let the above illustration of his freestyle gift of gab shadow how rounded a musician he is, extremely versatile. And to top it off, he's down to earth and super cool about everything. I could ramble on about him and his abilities forever. I'm not here to do that. I'm a nobody, from nowhere, with nothing left to say except, Enjoy...
      Sit back, relax and throw this, 'Metaphorgasm (Radio Edit)', in your Real Player™ while you read and visualize the following information....

sose: As far as skateboarding and hiphop goes, tell us about some of your influences.
SF: Both can be answered with one thing: The East Coast.

sose: True that. What motivates you to do what you do?
SF: Porn!!! lol. Naw, MCing to me is the only thing I have in my life to express myself. So when people hear me expressing myself and then can identify or feel what I'm saying, I get psyched that I have the ability to affect people.

sose: Porn, haha. How old are you and where did you grow up?
SF: 20. I grew up in South Jersey, moved to Florida when I was 9. NOTE: The South didn't become dirty 'til I moved there.

sose: Dirtballs 'R Us. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
SF: Releasing my album....dirty old man: a decade of perverted roughnecked hiphop classics.

sose: At what point did you realize you could rap?
SF: I used to see my brother rhyming all the time....freestyling and s**t..I used to get psyched on how people reacted so I tried to write some verses...then one night we came home from skating and he was rhyming..and I said hey can I try and I spit some verse and they went nuts..from that day on I knew.

sose: Fresh! Are you into the party scene, drugs and stuff?
SF: I break it down like this, I don't condone anyone for doing drugs, that's their choice..but I hate alcohol..that is the devils tool...I've seen my best friend die from it..seen my childhood decease from my father's addiction to it..almost witnessed my brother kill himself over it...I heard a song off the new QB's Finest album where they're saying drive drunk to this for the chorus...that s**t pissed me off bad....these people need to realize that what they do and say affects people whether they like it or not.

sose: Tell us a little about the All Out Bums:
SF: It started out as Always Out Bombing....graffiti crew..'til we all got lazy, then we changed was started by my brother Afex and our boy Aime it's me, Afex, Dab, Paraphraze, Cike Onez, Paulie Knuckles, En One (R.I.P), Prasad, Smple, and you...that's my family.

sose: Tight. So you write graffiti too. When did you start doing that?
SF: About 5 years ago....400 tag names later I'm now y-ser one...

sose: How do you feel about the hiphop/skateboading scene today?
SF: In both cases too commercial....skaters got big headed really fast...I skated for 14 years of my life..know it in and are trying to be rock stars..pros need to realize they aren't s**t to anyone outside of skateboarding. So if a kid wants your autograph you should feel pretty damn good.

sose: I agree. What are some of your other interests?
SF: Lately watching movies....especially Kevin Smith flicks. Sometimes I feel like that cat writes movies geared for my enjoyment. And playing Dreamcast.

sose: Do you work?
SF: Yeah at Domino's Pizza 8 hours a week hahahahahaha.

sose: Big money, bad Andy, haha. What did you wanna be when you were growing up?
SF: I wanted to get paid money to sleep.

sose: I wanted to be a ninja, haha. What's your earliest childhood memory?
SF: My mom taking me to buy my first board when I was 5...Tony Hawk XR2 trucks and Slimeball wheels with Rip Grip and green grip tape.

sose: Favorite skate video(s)?
SF: Blind Video Days and Eastern Exposure 3.

sose: Nice choices. Are you a lover or a fighter?
SF: I fight my lovers.

sose: haha, What's the hardest thing for Skrewface to deal with these days?
SF: Me losing part of the A.O.B....Ian S. Inswasty REST IN PEACE. That was my f***ing boy right there!..I ain't been the same since he passed..just life in general, there have been many times I've wanted to take it.

sose: Ian Rest In Peace, no doubt. Are you tight with your family?
SF: Hell and my brother are best friends...and without my mom I think one of those suicides would've been acted out.... my dad was a bad alcoholic growing up and he's a little hard headed, but deep down I love him.

sose: Right on. What's the best place you've ever been?
SF: At the Hardrock Cafe watching the Kids in the Hall on tour after 5 years.

sose: I still can't believe I missed that. Have you ever been in any legal troubles?
SF: Trespass warrants out the ass...note to Tony Hawk: don't ever skate anywhere in my town cause you'd have about 60 at every spot hehehehe.

sose: haha, Do you have a girlfriend?
SF: Yeah she's what I'm using to type this.

sose: Oh damn!! Are you happy?
SF: To be perfectly honest, no.

sose: Why?
SF: There's so much more I wanna accomplish...I'm not happy with the fact that I can't motivate myself..I've gotten lazy as f**k.

sose: I know how you feel, I've been having the same problem with skating. I do have to tell you though, you and your bro have been a huge motivation for me. You guys are way too cool to be wasting your time dealing with me. Next question: Why are you here?
SF: I really have no clue...that's part of the reason I've lost my motivation...not thinking I have a purpose. sose, you're one of my main motivations to rhyme. I've never seen anyone I know place that much faith and confidence in me.

sose: I've seriously never seen anyone with the kinda skills you have. I can't help but always tell you how dope you are. It's like once I think you've shown me the real deal, you flip it to another level. It blows my mind. Do you see yourself somehow being involved with skateboarding and/or hiphop forever?
SF: Well, considering I collapsed my ankle, skating is pretty much out of the question. Even though I show it all my love and support..and hopefully hiphop will return to the essence and I won't get too disgusted to do it anymore.

sose: True, hopefully skating will return as well. I'm so sick of people trying to show everybody up. It seems that the art of 'sessioning' is dead in a sense, you know?
SF: Exactly; I'd rather ride around doing no complys and have fun..then try to become a pro for all the wrong reasons..I think kids nowadays tend to start skating for all the wrong reasons.

sose: I agree. Do you like to travel?
SF: I'd like to travel a lot..I just went to Philly, Jersey and New York a few months ago and I realized there's so much more out there.

sose: Do you have a favorite movie or book?
SF: The Outsiders for both.

sose: Favorite skater(s)?
SF: The Gonz and Ricky Oyola.

sose: Do you have any musical influences outside of hiphop?
SF: I'm really into hardcore music. i.e. Sick of it All, Hate Breed, Mad Ball and my favorite band right now is E-Town Concrete, those cats are so ill I suggest buying anything they make....I know a lot of heads are gonna read this and be like: why are these people interviewing a rapper??...I grew up being into punkrock...but after like 92 it got all watered down and I lost interest in it a's funny, I see mad kids with chain wallets, mohawks and cut off shorts and s**t that people used to make fun of me for wearing ..guess it's cool to not be cool nowadays.

sose: Very true. I once heard a quote that I'll never forget: 'the underground of yesterday is the mainstream of today', don't know who said it though. What other aliases do you go by besides Skrewface and Yser one?
SF: The White Dolemite...Optimus Rhyme....Ellegance 1....and Big Dave.

sose: You forgot Dolemic, I remember that from awhile back. Okay, I'm assuming your best experience was the KITH show correct?
SF: Yeah.

sose: Worst?
SF: Realizing that I coulda stopped Ian's death but I let fate beat me.

sose: Damn, that sucks. Any closing comments? Anything else you'd like to add that I definitely missed cause I suck at this?
SF: Be yourself....sounds cliché but it's been the only advice I've ever recieved that I took to heart. Be on the lookout for my LP: "The White Dolemite: Big and Dirty" [see photo above]

sose: Shout outs?
SF: First off, God...sorry I've been mom + dad...the A.O.B. click...I'm bringing us all to the top...Lauren, my best friend, the only woman besides my mom I boys Eric, Bobby Desel, and Owen...RealSkate Mag for helping an underground artist get exposure...and sose for getting them to do it.

For more information on Skrew Face and to hear more audio, visit his website (conceived, created, and maintained by Skrew Face himself).

Skrew Face


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