courtesy of Santoro Graphics


Dustin Koop by Talia Kaufman

photo by Rhianon Bader   

This rural B.C. stud may be the most talented filmer in Calgary. When he moved here two years ago he immediately made friends with a bunch of locals and exposed and brought notice to local talent through the video "Botched," which he made last year.

Dustin always has something gnarly going on, between filming, producing some crazy good graphic designs, and his website Lately he has been using his amazing creativity to put his graphic designs on canvas. He is also able to create a skateable object out of just about anything he finds lying around.

Unfortunately for all you singles out there, a lucky lady has already stolen Dustin's heart. He makes a great friend though, so it's not so bad; he'll keep you entertained with his stories about his home town, various witticisms, and constant flow of new ideas for art projects. He is also a big movie buff, and is rumored to harbour about 1,000 songs on his ipod. And to complete his coolness, his cat has no fewer than 24 toes. All these factors combined make Dustin the perfect poster boy for September.



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