Sasha La Rochelle


Slam City Jam '04, Girls Vert

by Sasha La Rochelle
photos Nicole La Rochelle

The Slam City Jam girls vert contest went down with a bang for sure on Sunday May 2nd. Six girls from around the US and two from Europe busted out to make the Slam XI vert contest a great one!!!

Cara-Beth Burnside

The session started out with each contestant having an intro run and then a jam session following. Each girl was pushing it and seemed to be having a great time. I was stoked this was NOT a snake session, but everyone was being cool taking turns during the jam.

Cara-Beth Burnside wowed the audience with her many tech tricks and sick lines throughout the contest while Mimi Knoop did handplants on one side of the ramp and inverts on the other. Lyn-z Adams busted out the biggest airs of the contest and joining the big name girls was Catherine Ashley from Delaware who landed a big spin during one of her runs and Starr Quinn who I remember seeing at the contest a couple of years ago. All the way from Muenster Germany was Slam regular Tina Neff. Joining her was Francie Stolz from Switzerland. These two girls gave the audience a taste of what's been going down in Europe that we've all been missing.

Holly Lyons

Despite being ill, Tina had consistent runs and placed 5th just behind Holly Lyons who I think captured the judges attention coming in off the roll in for some big airs.

Francie had smashed hard during practice the day before but seemed to have recovered fairly well for the contest. MTV Canada, CTV, the Vancouver Province Newspaper, Lisa Whitaker and several others were doing a really great job of promoting and filming the female skaters during their time in Vancouver. Everyone seemed to have a good time and even some of the street girls skated the ramp during the down time before the official contest practice.

Mimi Knoop

The audience was cheering the girls on during the whole thing. So all in all, a great contest with great people that was super fun to watch. Thank you Slam City Jam!

Tina Neff


The final rundown for the vert jam was:
1) CB Burnside
2) Mimi Knoop
3) Lyn-z Adams
4) Holly Lyons
5) Tina Neff
6) Catherine Ashley
7) Starr Quinn
8) Franziska Stolz



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