Vans Warped Tour '01 Cleveland
by Abbey Whitney

We sent our intrepid Abbs-of-steel out to venture the world called "back stage" at a Vans Warped Tour. There was much confusion getting her in (big surprise) but thanks to our Vans dude, went OK except for the fact that we didn't think Abbey had a media pass, but she did. So therefore, she covered the deal minus her camera. So, being the super clarkie that I am, I thought I'd include some pics Tim Fielder took of the Warped in Seattle last year and some I took at Warped Boreal this year. So put your imagination caps on and enjoy this slightly unique team style effort - Clarkie

Crowd Surfing, Seattle '00, photo by Tim Fielder

When Clarkie asked me to cover Van's Warped Tour, I was totally stoked. Road trip with four of my friends, free tickets, meet the bands, go backstage, hear good music, watch the skate contests... what else could a girl ask for? Getting in was another thing. First the ticket booth lady was a real witch if you know what I mean, and secondly she didn't believe me that I was a writer for Real Skate. I was getting angry and I think she figured that out when I said "are you stupid can you read my shirt or my business card?" LOL. What can I say - a girls' got to do what a girls' got to do. Right? she finally checked the list, so I did get in and that's all that counts. They told me I couldn't take my camera in, but once I got in they said, "Oh gee you could have brought your camera in, you have a complete media pass, but once your in your in and can't go out..........argh "Security!

RAS-1 Long Beach Dub Allstars, Seattle 00,
photo by Tim Feilder

The first band me and my friend Kelli saw was FLogging Molly; they were great. I got to meet them and talk for about 30 seconds then I got pushed on by my friends in black shirts with the weird last name of SECURITY! I never knew how big their family was cause everywhere I turned there they were. As you can tell from this article how much I liked these guys. I checked out the Ladies Lounge; that was very cool, and they did give me a free subscription of the magazine Wahine. The girls were all very cool.

Ladies Lounge Boreal 01, photo by Clarkie

Later that day I came across The Line's booth, not knowing who they were I decided to check them out. Their guy selling their merchandise really sucked at selling... well not that much, but I told him I could do better selling their shirts so he said "lets see." Me and Kelli started selling stuff left and right! So the guy (I can't remember his name... sorry guy, but he was super nice!) made us a deal....

Less Than Jake, Boreal 01,
photo by Clarkie

we sell The Line's merchandise then he would take us to meet the band and go back stage hassle free of my friends in black. It was definitely a no brainer YES! he even gave us free bottles of water, and that beats paying three dollars for one bottle. Who knew water could cost soo freaking much?

Don from The Line came and took us back to their RV where we met the rest of the band and chilled with them and some of the Volcom team. The guys where the coolest. Hopefully I will be getting in touch with them and doing an interview with them soon. We did go back stage, we watched The Vandals play. Of course they were awesome.

Lets talk about the bands for a while. Flogging Molly was really good and nice!, The Vandals were crazy while on stage it was awesome watching them from backstage, Less than Jake and H2O were freaking awesome too.

Eric, LBDA Seattle, '00 photo by Tim Fielder




I didn't see that much of Sum41 but what I heard was good. The Ataris were great... everyone who played just basically kicked ass! I didn't get to see all the bands I wanted to cause some were playing at the same time, so I guess I will just have to go back next year







Oh yeah I can't forget about Brandon; he won 2nd in the vert contest and let me sign his stomach. Congrats on that! Their street course wasn't that good, not that many ramps or rails. The vert contest was fun to watch though. My friend Andy got an Element deck that was thrown from a booth... lucky ass! But I did come home with three shirts, nine CD's, lots of stickers and magazines, and of course a ton of memories.

Crowd surfers meet security, Boreal 01
photo by Clarkie


I had a blast! thanks a bunch Clarkie and Vans for getting me in! You rule!




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