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Joey (Marsupial) Flores

joeyWell I'm still hearing from some of the gals that my hunks are STILL too old.

So this month's hunk selection(s) should please the gurly masses! My choice hunks for the month are Joey, who is 11, and Kasey who is 14. I put two young ones on the same month; so combined, their age is 25! Am I brilliant or what?

Both these California cuties skate the central coast area. They are sponsored AM's; representin Down Town Skateshop in Gilroy, CA.

Real Skate did a photo shoot featuring the shop and its posse. I would have featured them all as "hunks" but the rest are 16 and 18. Too old!

Joey is nicknamed Marsupial because of his baby kangaroo'ish, gravity defying skate style!


Kasey Smith

Poor Kasey, what a sport. Although he looks absolutely adorable and "hunkish" in this pic, he was in a great deal of pain. That's why he's standing kinda tilted!

Early on during the shoot, he sprained his ankle. Bummer. I didn't even know it until I saw him just sitting there not making any big deal about it. I couldn't understand why he wasn't skating since it was his eagerness that brought me there.

After I figured out what happened it was like a scene out of "Kids" the "I have no legs" scene with Kasey pushing himself around on his board, on his knees wherever we went.

But we fixed him up. We fed him lots of hot dogs, fries, and soda and the kind lady at Der Weinersnitzel fixed up a bag of ice for his ankle.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh all you gurlz should send Kasey a get-well card!

Thank you Marsupial and Kasey for being my hunks; you rule my sweet puppies!


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