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Ramsay Skateboard Competition 2007

Repeal Calilfornia SB 994 - Helmet & Pad Law

Petition is now closed - 10,000 signatures! Before you read on, know that this law was never about safety, it was about skatepark liability. This does not mean we are against, wearing helmets, we believe it should be an individual choice and that nobody should be fined or arrested for their choice not to wear them. The law never put skateboarding on the Hazardous Recreational List as we were led to believe which is all that's needed to free public parks of liabilities. This repeal will do that. Click link for more history. Note: The petition is for California residents only, no need to be a registered voter but you should vote anyway! (posted 11/15/05)

The Boom Boom Huck Jam (Almost) - Photographer Steve Roger's rather unique view of Tony Hawks big production.

Dude Where's my Ballot!

Slam City Jam '04 Girls Vert Comp - Sasha's account of the girls vert contest.

USAS, We Have a Problem! - (4/14) by Clarkie
The plot thickens! Another article about Real Skate's ongoing saga of saving skateboarding from the Olympics.

Nebraska, We Have a Problem! - by Clarkie
An insite into the major controversy concerning USA Rollersports and the Olympics. (posted 9/6)

Shooting Switzerland
A photo essay by Christy Dutler, a skateboarder and snowboarder from Switzerland. Some of the best skateboarding photos I've seen. Unfortunately, the lacking quality of electronics doesn't do them justice, but you'll agree they are awesome shots. Way to go Christy!
Greater Toronto Area
A photo essay by Michael McCourt about skating in several towns around Toronto. An excellent article with great shots. Right on Mike!
The Tim Brauch Memorial AM Skate Contest Photos and results of the new skatepark fundraiser held in Scotts Valley, CA
The 2nd Annual Tim Brauch AM Contest, 2000
Real Skate was unable to cover the Tim contest this year, but Justin Gold of Sessions has submitted us this press release.
The ASR Trade Show, San Diego
Kickin around with Elissa Steamer at the ASR in September. Lots of photos!
Downtown Skateshop Team
Check out the team sponsored by a cool shop in Gilroy, California.
Slam City Jam 2000, Vancouver BC
Two accounts of this years' competition by Mike McCourt and Tim Fielder. Between the two of them, I'm sure they burned at least 50 rolls of film, but so many pics with such little space! Hopefully we can see more some day! Thanks Mike and Tim, needless to say, you rule!

Tim's Article
Mike's Article

Skateboarding in the Media
An essay by skateboarder Tara Fox of So. California.
Real Skate's own Tim Fielder sent us some great shots of skaters in Japan.
Grand Prix of Skateboarding - by Christy Dutler
Art Bars, Foundation's Video Premiere - by Julio Martin
Tony Hawk, Hall of Champions - by Julio Martin
Slam City Jam, 2001 - by Rhianon Bader
Rhianon so kindly agreed to do only the writing for this year's SCJ article, so we didn't get her a course media pass. As it turned out we used her pics anyway, but she did a gull-dang-hella good job, even without the best vantage point. Good girl Rhi! Thank you, and welcome to the woes of being a professional non-paid Real Skate contributor.
Bowl Bash - Mike Watson who shot for SCJ this year provides us with the first in a series of comps throughout Canada. Check back for more!
Vans Warped Tour, 2001

San Diego - by Julio Martin
Cleveland - by Abbey Whitney
Boreal - by Ryde and Clarkie

Brian Deneke - by Abbey Whitney
Abbey wrote an article for a school project on hate crimes. She chose the very sad story of Brian Deneke of Amarillo, Texas.

X-Games, Sydney 2001 - Christine Irestedt and Patrick Lindqvist cover the Sydney X Games skatboarding in this exclusive for Real Skate.

Slam City Jam '02 - by Talia Kaufman - Great story and pics of some of the best skaters today.

Tampa Am '03 - by Alexis Hernandez - Awesome coverage of the Tampa AM at Skate Park of Tampa.

Slam City Jam 03 - by Talia Kaufman

Nebraska, We Have a Problem! - by Clarkie
An insite into the major controversy concerning USA Rollersports and the Olympics.

Interviews & Reviews:

The Simpson's Skateboarding a Playstation 2 game review by Rob Hernandez

Mike Vallely Interview
Keepin it real. An exclusive interview for Real Skate with pro skater Mike Vallely, the realist!
Interview with a Graffiti Artist
Christy interviews Jazi of the TZP from Geneva, Switzerland.

More interviews on the Music Page, and Gurlz on Boardz

Spot Shots:

Antioch, CA by Clarkie
Vans Skatepark, Milpitas CA by Clarkie
Millennium Skatepark, Calgary by Brad Kirk



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