Slam City Jam 2000 photos and story by Mike McCourt

Clyde Singleton - Backside Lipslide

Held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Slam City Jam is one of the largest professional skateboard contests in the world, and I was there to experience it. Thanks to Clarkie, me and Tim Fielder were able to get floor passes to this year's event.  

Friday May 5, Qualifying Day—When I got there I had to wait about 20 minutes to get my press pass, bummer!!! As I waited, numerous world top skaters were passing by. I was almost drooling. When it came time to get in, I had a sense of pride that I had arrived in the skateboard industry.

The course was big and more street-like than ever. There were tons of rails, ledges, and pyramids spread all over. All the obstacles were being destroyed but I had not seen anything yet—today was just a preview of what was going tocome. Most noticeable on the course was Brad Staba.

Vanek Hakobian - Kickflip Backside Tailslide    

He ended up qualifying first place. Brad was given a thousand bucks for his first place spot. Brian Anderson, Brads roommate, was also throwing down impressive tricks on anything and everything. I would like to name all who deserve to be named but the list would be too long.

Saturday May 6, Semi Finals—CHAOS is the word of the day. Today was chaotic. The course was totally packed with talent. Mr. McCrank took first place today, but unlike Brad Staba he didn't win any money. Rick's run was consistent and clean. Kirstian Svitak was skating solid all day long. Jesse Paez was destroying the course with big airs. Jesse fell hard in his run and dislocated his shoulder. But not to worry he made it to the finals and skated the next as if nothin ever happened.


Elissa Steamer - Frontside Lipslide

I only saw two girls practicing on Friday and today; they were Elissa Steamer and Jamie Reyes (watch out for her she makes your eyes pop out). The day was done so I went back to my room and went to sleep.

Sunday May 7, Street Finals, Girls Competition, and Best Trick—Today is the big day, the day when the winner of Slam City Jam 2000 will be chosen. People were going all out or nothing today. I was pretty disappointed that Brian Anderson did not take his final run. Ryan Johnson threw down a bag of tricks in his run and guess what, those tricks got him the #1 spot.




Dan Pageau - Switch Hardflip  

The girls of today are amazing. I wouldn't be surprised if they stopped having a girls comp and just threw them in with the men. Faye Jamie was attacking the handrails with 50-50's and feeble grinds. Jamie Reyes backside tailslid the small handrail, and landed many other assorted maneuvers. As usual, Elissa Steamer was skating well, but her winning streak ended this year.

The best trick contest was hype. For half an hour many pros went all out. Alex Chalmers busted a backside 360 kickflip over the big box with smooth style. Clyde Singleton fakie tailslid the curved kink rail but for some odd reason did not place in the best trick. Ed Templeton won this year's best trick with a 50-50 across the box to a boardslide down the handrail. The crowd went ballistic.

The only thing left was the awards ceremony, but I'm sure you don't wanna hear about that.

Real Skate would like to give major props to Kriddy Earl and all the SCJ staff and volunteers for accommodating us to come shoot shit up. There's a "pitcher" with your name on it waiting for you in Santa Cruz!

For all the final results of the SCJ check out their site:


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