I hadn't planned to have a music section in Real Skate. Then one thing lead to another and, not too sure what the hell I was doing, found myself downtown at Palookaville on Oct. 16th, conducting an interview with my favorite band, the Long Beach Dub Allstars! Skateboarding absolutely representz these two former members of Sublime, (who's roots began at skate demos), Eric Wilson and Bud Gaugh, and the addition of their good bros and studio musicians, Opie Ortiz, RAS-1, Marshall Goodman, Tim Wu, and Jack Maness. The LBDA!

I'm stoked it all came down, thanks to my new best phrend, Hector Martinez hooked us up with LBDA and subsequently other bands he was promoting,

Sooooooo, my other best phrend, Ryde came down from the Sierra's for the second summer in a row to see the LBDA's. (Yes, in Santa Cruz October is still considered summer!) Another best phrend, IR from San Ho, came over the hill for the weekend too, and we had one sick time!

Click below for the interview, then come back and read Ryde's review of the show that night. It was kickin ohh Yeah Baby!

Interview with the Long Beach Dub Allstars by Clarkie

Review of the LBDA Show by Ryde

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