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Dogz on Boardz

Ollie's website lives on. As most of you know I lost Ollie to a rare disease in September. All the best veterinarians and hospital care that money could buy, and all the spiritual thoughts sent by our fans were futile efforts in saving my wonderful Ollie dog. But she left us in the most comfortable and respectful way possible. Her Vet came to our house where we had our last moments with Ollie, said our final good-byes, and she passed on curled up with me on her spot on the floor in the comfort of my arms. Her vet arranged cremation, and when we went to pick up her ashes, it blew my mind, they were in a pottery ern, especially made for her with her name inscribed. I miss her so much I can barely look at her pictures without total meltdown.
      But we will continue Dogz on Boardz in her name. Ollie stood by me feeling much neglect as I struggled through webmastering 101 all those late hours to get this site built.
Thanks to all of you who have contributed to DOB and for all the support you gave me through Ollie's final days.

Please keep DOB going by sending a pic of your favorite skate, surf, or snowboarding dog to editor(at)

Vote for Paco!

Paco, the amazing skateboarding dog neds your vote to become the next Old Navy spokesdog.

(posted 6/24/06)

Please help out the animals! Shelters do not allow animals and they are often left behind after a disaster. This non-profit organization rescues them. We checked them out and it's a good one. They quickly responded to the south helping out animal victims of the hurricanes. If you wish to donate, please visit their website. (posted 9/2/05)


Kathleen and RC's dog, Murphy - RIP
Don't know you or Ollie, but since she looks a bit like a Shepherd, here is a pic of my best friend Hank and my cool "home-cut" board. Hank digs snowboard chasing more than skateboard chasing. Asphalt and hot temps are hard on the poor fella. —Brian
Realskate Dog - by Becky "Beck-Dog"Taylor
Dog Skatepark - by Beck-Dog Taylor
Sent in by Deanne Davenport—Here is a pic of my 2 1/2 yr old Jack Russell Terrier, Jordan! We live in VA and have traveled to LA and NY to show off Jordan's skateboarding talents, including an appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman.
This odd looking dog is named "Ozzy" whose owner is Rosie C.
This is "Lassie" Ethan Sobin's dog (who doesn't take credit for naming her).

Check out this link to some amazing dogs owned by Mike Goldsun!

The Skateboarding Dogs

This is Chris's dog "Bud" who likes to chew up grip tape!

RIP Lou Dog

Louie lived a long happy life, click photo to visit Louie's
memorial page on Skunk Records' website.

This is Brad Bailey's pug dog - Hercules

This is a Real Skate family dog, Ryde and Lindsey's dog. Buddy developed kidney problems, and all out efforts were made to save him. When the efforts seemed futile, Ryde (in total agreement with the Bud), released him from the hospital and gave Buddy the time of his life his last week. Every day they took him on an excursion to his favorite river, lake, reservoir - beautiful places in California's Sierra foothills, Buddy's stompin grounds.

Buddy left his world with no regrets. He had the good life—free to roam through the redwoods, piss'in wherever he dang well pleased, yet staying close to home most of the time, on the porch, protecting Ryde and Lind's snowboards. I will especially miss the cold nights curling up with Buddy in front of the fire, and him either trying to nudge me out of the prime floor spot, or showing me his hospitality and genuine affection in his own language; face licking.

I will miss you Budster. I just can't imagine driving up that driveway without you running up to greet me. Rest in peace, my love puppy; you're a good dog.

    (and Ollie)

Deck Contest Winner!
(Who says girl dogz can't skate?)

pinto bean
This is Pinto Bean, 6 yo Boston Terrier. She starred in "Jump off a Building."
Can you guess who she belongs too? Yup, this is Elissa's dog!

His name is Paul and he knows how to turn when going down hill, oh and he can almost ollie the two stairs at my serious!"

Who sent me this bird-dog? I just found it with no corresponding e-mail? Tony Hawk? Is this your dog?

skater dogs
Photo: © Mike Johnson, Avanti Press, Inc.

surfer dogs
Photo: © Jeff Sewell, Avanti Press, Inc.

surfer dog
From "Surfing..." by James D. Houston and Ben Finney 1932
© R.J. Baker Collection, Bishop Museum, Honolulu

Photo: © Bob Noble, Avanti Press, Inc.

Randy Jennings, Artist








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