Muchas Gracias!
Special thanks to all our Real Skate readers and to all who have contributed to its success. You are very much appreciated!

As you may have noticed, this page (which was made specifically for giving major kudos to our sponsors) has been kind of, how shall I put it; empty. So, I asked my staff to get out there and get busy, do their stuff, and bring us in some high paying sponsors.

Tim, in his travels, is the first to hustle us a sponsor, and the boys have put together this ad for us. Way to go Tim!

Real Skate is proud to introduce it's first sponsor, the Thailand Crocodile Farm. Be sure to get on our mailing list, becasue the TCF boyz are shipping us 5 crates of baby crocodiles for our next giveaway! I think their marketing plan is leaning towards a "Crocz on Boardz" section of Real Skate. So, Real Skate readers, for all your crododile needs, please be sure to take your business to the Thailand Crocodile Farm, they rule!



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