Vans Warped Tour '01 San Diego
by Julio Martin

Julio's first Warped coverage went pretty well in spite of a long wait for media passes and guest lists to arrivel at the gates; his cell phone being stolen out of his backpack; Rancid not showing up for their scheduled interview; security being a little heavy-handed; testing out his new Canon and a new tape recorder for the first time; um yeah, we'll say "Went DANG well!"

AFI DID show up for their scheduled interview with Julio and here's how that came down and including some random pics of the day...all photos by Julio Martin.

AFIThe band walks over to where I'm sitting, introduce themselves Adam, Davey, and Jade. I then attempt to interview them...

Do you guys skate or have you ever skated before? vert dog
Yea, we pretty much grew up around that scene. Rancid was one of our favorite bands to skate to.

Where are you guys from?
Well at the height of our "skateboarding" we lived in a really small town called Ukiah in northern California, about 2 hours north of San Francisco.

What influenced your skateboarding? Memories?
[all three together] The Powell team! Santa Cruz, Tas Pappas, Rob Roskopp.

Which bands have influenced your music?
The Faction, JFA, Agent Orange, Suicidal Tendencies, those are all the skate bands back then, back in the 80's 'n shit.

So tell me something interesting about yourselves; something people wouldn'tnormally think of asking you; something different.
I think that's a cop-out sir! [all 3 laugh]

good charlotteWhat's the deal with the girls at the shows anyway? What do you think about the groupies?
Girls that come out to our shows, the mostly come out here for the music, so we really wouldn't be able to say much about that. In our scene, the girls aren't really here because we're in a band.


Have you guys ever... *CRASH* We interrupt this interview to dodge a flying picnic table! [yes it was THAT windy.] motocross

What do you guys do other than play music? What do you do for fun?
Play music. [group laughter]

What stands out when you're on the road? What makes it all worthwhile?
The fans, the ones that are always there, the ones that go waaay out of their way to see us, just to express their appreciation for us, that just really makes us feel good. We really love playing in London, Spain, and France; those kids are awesome.

good charlotteWhen did you guys start playing?
About 10 years ago.

How did you guys start out?
Well we met each other at the small town I was telling you about, and we would just skate and music pretty much ties in with skateboarding, so we just decided to start playing.


You guys should tour Argentina, that's where I'm from; they would love you out there. Everyone's super friendly there.
Are you from Las Pampas?

Nah, Bahia Blanca, small city south of the capital. That's awesome, reminds us of Japan, everyone's so polite. They're very accepting and exciting. They're just super stoked to see you play.

I'm really new at this, so you must excuse the suckiness of this interview, but I want to thank you. That's cool, you did good; you got a good interview.

Cool deal; so just let me get a picture of you guys and I'll let you be on your way!
*snap snap*

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