Christine Irestedt,
Patrick Lindqvist, photographer


X Games Sydney, 2001
by Christine Irestedt & Patrick Lindqvist

[Editor's Note: Swedish Christine Irestedt (21) and Patrik Lindquist (26) are freelancers in their chosen area, and good friends since '99 when they met at a University in Malaga. Australia came to be their home last year when they both left Sweden for Queensland to study. This article is the product of their first work together, but as far as they are concerned; as long as they can keep up the spirit of mixing adventures and business with pleasure, there will be more to come!]

Josh Evin

For some people a December weekend in Sydney is an ordinary weekend, for others the most important 48 hours in the entire year.

The summer X Games, held in Sidney Olympic Super Dome between the 8th and 9th of December is an extraordinary, yearly event for both skaters and observers; inviting participants from USA, Europe, Asia, Australia, and South America to show the world their skills. Whether you are a skate fan or not, this weekend was an experience of its kind, starting off Saturday the 8th.

The bad weather obviously was not an issue for either the media or the people. Entering the doors of the Super Dome was like entering an entire new world. I would say it was an inferno, a skate dome. Note the X Games includes BMX, motor X, break dancing, and inline competitions, however, I am not alone thinking the skate events were the cream on the cracker.


Sandro Dias

The time schedule was surprisingly close to "non existing," however, after a few lattes and some muttering from our photographer, the Skate street event kicked off.

On the top 9 competitors in the first heat, Australian Tim "Dorfus" McDougall and Josh "the black Russian" Evin from Canada made some awesome tricks, injected the public with real skate energy.

Second heat, a little man in a red T shirt, 11 year-old Jack Fardell, caused a lot of big eyes in the public and stole the show with his non fear and self secure skating. It is what you can expect from a future star. The little man was amazed by the responce of the crowd. " Friggin mind blowing! I have never been in a crowd like this. It was awesome," he said.

Attempting some sickly dangerous moves, Josh Evin broke his board ten minutes before time due, followed by the skateboard Elvis, Steve Caballero.


Steve Caballero

Steve is one of the top skaters in the world, not because of his nerve tickler, but for his precise and classic way of skating.

Jack Fardell got himself to the final but got beaten by the big boys. Tim McDougall got the gold, Steve Caballero the Silver and Josh Evin got himself a bronze. The Saturday events in the Sydney Super Dome had come to an end.

Sunday the we came to the stadium before noon and spent some quality time in the crowd watching the break dancing championship competition.

The Skateboard Vert competition was certainly the main event of the X Games. First heat, Tony Alexanda, Sergi Ventura, Steve Caballero, Tas Pappas and Sandro Dias were the last competitors on the start list, and together they made the other five competitors look like beginners.




Australian Tas Pappas, Brasilian Sandro Dias and American Sergi Ventura are sharks. They not only know how to weaken our nerves by challenging themselves and their boards, but these guys know how to face the fear. Steve Caballero and Tony Hallam, an original top skater from Australia who skated in heat two, were the oldest competitors. They are both very fluid and precise in their skating; no wonder considering these guys got both the title and the skills. Nothing outrageous, but very smooth.

Sergi Ventura

Sadly, Australian Mick Mullan, who did a great job in the warm ups, lost both his patience, temper and board during the second heat. He threw some nasty comments at his board, and failed to get himself to the final.

Juergen Horrwarth from Germany, known from the Saturday street competition (where he threw his board and helmet to the crowd) was the last competitor on the list, and gave the already exited public some more tricks to drool over. Juergen made, however, his way all trough to the final along with Caballero, Tas Pappas, Dave Bodnar, Sandro Dias, Tony Hallam, Ventura, Trevor Waard, Tony Alexanda and Pete King.

All I can say is that I am amazed the judges could point out a winner. In this final, they decided Tas Pappas was the man. Pappas got the gold, Dave Bodnar the Silver and Sandro Dias got the bronze.

Hard to believe, but the 48 hour X Games was over.



Sergi Ventura

The break dancers stole the public attention as we walked out the Super Dome, bars and fast food shops closed down, and our team ended up at the brewery, celebrating the success of Pappas, ourselves and the event itself.

Next year, we promised ourselves over a cold Victorian bitter, wherever the X Games will be held, we'll be there.

Street Finals:

1 Tim McDougall
2 Steve Caballero
3 Josh Evin
4 Juergen Horrwarth
5 Chris Wood
6 Will Stoyles
7 Kerry Getz
8 Ryan Gooding
9 Steve Bull
10 Anthony Mosely
11 Jack Fardell

Vert Finals:

1 Tas Pappas
2 Dave Bodnar
3 Sandro Dias
4 Steve Caballero
5 Juergen Horrwarth
6 Pete King 7 Renton Millar
8 Tony Hallam9 Trevor Ward
10 Sergi Ventura
11 Tony Alexanda

Steve Caballero Tas Pappas



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