Dude Where's my Ballot!

We hope all of you under 30-somethings will get out and vote next month, it's time your voices and beliefs are heard. If you are not registered, you can still do so by Oct. 18 at your post office or County Offices. States deadllines vary, so check with your Voter Registration Office for your state.

If you feel your vote doesn't matter, or that the political issues don't concern you, you are wrong. Well, partially wrong. The reason politics are the way they are, and the platforms and issues seem so distant from you is because you don't vote. If there was a large population of under 30 registered voters, trust me, those politicians will be bending over backwards to address your concerns. The reason they don't now, is because they are catering to those who do vote, which is an older and more conservative age group. Y0U can change that. Get involved, vote and make your voice count by exercising your rights. You have a lot of power.

As any of you who have fought hard for getting skateparks built know, it is all at the mercy of elected officials at the local level. Voting and getting involved with your city government can change all the anti skate park attitudes. Again, if they know young people are voting, things will be dealt with differenty and just watch the attitude adjustments around election time. Voters choose our leaders, but only if you vote!

Real Skate endorses John Kerry. George Bush tried but failed and clearly must be voted out of office. Our country needs to get a real leader and right now Kerry, Edwards and the Democratic Party behind them is our best hope. Please do it. Come on 18 year olds, I marched in the streets to win you your rights to vote, take me up on it!

Take good care, and always keep it real.



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