Japan by Tim Fielder

For the past 5 months I have had the opportunity to live, skate, and take skate photos in a foreign country. This has been more like a dream cause I'm now getting paid to take photos. It gets pretty busy when you have school, want to skate, take photos, and getting used to living in Japan. I was lucky to meet some very helpful people along the way.
      The overall skate scene in Japan is very interesting from an American's point of view. I know skaters from the kid down the street to Japan's top pros. The one thing that they all have in common is skateboarding. Even though it's only 35 degrees outside, you will see them skating 6 hours straight. Even with their clicks, they all seem to come together when they skate.
      With Tokyo being so crowded it makes it difficult to find wide open skate spots like in the US or Canada. You may find the perfect rail or stairs, but the approach will be only 10 feet long. Finding spots here has been fun, and since I'm shooting for a magazine here, knowing a wide variety of spots is very important.
      Here are some of the photos I took since I've been here. There will be more along the way and there are more in Wheel Magazine and Ollie Magazine.
      Now, I'd like to thank the people who have helped me out since I've been here and who opened doors for me I thought would be closed: Yukihisa and Hisashi Nakamura, Bainin Skate Supply, Yousuke Maruyama, Ozawa san, Kuwabara san, 0113, Akiba skaters, IKB skaters, the Okanos, and finally my mom and dad who flowed me some cash when the yen ran dry. Thanks everyone. Keep it real and keep skating, no matter where you live!

Hiroomoto_1 Hiroomoto_2 Sold Ichiro_2 Katodai
Hiroomoto_1.jpg Hiroomoto_2.jpg   Ichiro_2.jpg Katodai.jpg
Kubotakun Masa Shimura Takuchan Yoiichi_1
Kubotakun.jpg Masa.jpg Shimura.jpg Takuchan.jpg Yoiichi_1.jpg


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