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Justin Lyon

This is Bones! Apparently at the Grand Canyon with his sweet grand grin. Bones is definitely a sweetie, a true hunk and I find him more and more sweet every time I talk to him on the phone. The last time we talked I found out he was born on my birthday. No wonder I like him so much! We're going to compare our charts.

Bones is 27 and very tall and lean. He's bright and intelligent and I honestly haven't meant anyone nicer.

As you know if you've been keepin up with Real Skate, Bones is having a rough time right now. The state of Florida is holding him responsible for the skating accident and subsequent death of Danny Larson (Sose) one of our music writers and Bones best friend and housemate. This is against the will of Danny's family, it's just Florida sticking it to a skater. There is a maximum penalty of 30 years on prison for manslaughter in Florida.

We are trying to help him out, and we hope you will too. A trust fund to help out Bones and his family with legal expenses has been set up. You can deposit into any branch of Bank of America into "The Bones Aid Trust Fund." For more info go to our site dedicated to help out a skater in desperate need.
The Bones Aid
, Bones will thank you.

Bones, thank you for being my hunk and though it was due to tragic circumstances that we met, I am so happy to have met you and honored to have you as friend in my life. Real Skate is behind you all the way!







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