Christchurch, New Zealand by Greg Byrnes, aka carpet

Hey Clarkie, Hi from New Zealand to you and your crew. I'm writing to add yet another site where neighbors have created a situation where the local council has decided to can a new skatepark project. Its here in my home city Christchurch at a place called Queenspark. I have taken a few quotes from the local rag article to show you no matter where you are in the world something's remain the same.
      "Council said young people had been continuously requesting a skateboard facility in the area. Various sites had been investigated but Queenspark had emerged as the most suitable." Hell, the Council even provided a budget for the project to go ahead.
      Anyways, enter the locals with statements such as, "The skatepark will detract from the beauty of the area and local residents will be subject to greater noise levels from skateboards and the youths," and wait for this one "We as a community are not against providing youths with activities, but believe this has not been thoroughly thought through and other options and sites may be somewhat more logical and practical." More of the NIMBY (not in my back yard) phenomenon.
      It's like these comments are flying around the world with a "fill in the name of your local park here" tag with them. Anyways I turn 40 in a month and I've decided as a birthday present to me, I'm gonna get this park built. So I'll keep you informed. Meantime you and your readers take care. Me, Shannon, Danny and Amelia (my three kids) love your site. Our summer's just about here so its skate skate skate!




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