Sandro Neuhaus
K-grind, San Diego, CA


Shooting Switzerland (continued)

Surely, we have skateparks here as well. Here are just some of them: (Oh yeah, if you come here in winter, don't worry about not being able to skate because of the snow, we got a bunch of indoor parks too.)

Block37, Winterthur ZH: Biggest Skatepark in Switzerland where you find banks, curbs, rails, hips, funboxes, manuals and and and... not to forget a vert ramp; and not only one, no, TWO mini ramps. Tip: go there in the evening (open until 11:00 p.m. except Sunday). The chance that a rollerblader gets in your way is really little.

Novartis, Basel: Pretty cool indoor park a lil' outside of Basel City (you need a car to get there). They have two mini ramps, a vert ramp, a pool made of wood (it kicks ass), and a bunch of street obstacles.

Sattel location, Sattel: Outdoor skatepark in the middle of nowhere... with rails, hips, banks, and a concrete pool. You might remember that park from 411 videos.

Markus Schweingruber
Nosebone Fakie, Bassersdorf, Zurich
Lorenzo Müller
Nosegrind, Zurich Switzerland

Geoff Rowley
Backside Lipslide, San Diego, CA


Markus Schweingruber
Backside Tailslide, Dubendorf, Zurich





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