Danny "Sose" Larson RIP

Danny lost his life July 4th, 2001 in Florida in a freak accident "skitchin" (skating hanging on to a friends' moving car). Below is the letter submitted by his friend Gunar which pretty much tells the story. Another friend of Danny's sent in this graphic and pic of Danny wearing his Real Skate T-shirt. I have set up a memorial page for Danny, please feel free to post your thoughts, pictures, or share stories.

Danny wrote two excellent band reviews for our Music page and I had hoped to make him a permanent staff member. On behalf of all the Real Skate Staff, our hearts go out to all Danny's friends and family, he will be sorely missed.

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From Gunar Conklin
You probably know my best friend Danny Larson aka Sose the one that did your Sidecar Interview and Skrewface Interview in your music section of this e-zine. He died the other day on the 4th of July while he supposedly held onto a car my friend was driving lost his grip and hit his head. They thought he was all right because he wasn't really going that fast, and they were all just playing around. Danny was unconscious when his head hit and they tried to revive him. They called for a ambulance not thinking it was nothing critical and the next morning he was declared dead. This kid has skated just as long as I have if not longer about 12 years or so and he has always loved skateboarding and been a huge inspiration. He was good enough to go pro at one point but things got in the way. I never saw a person that loved skateboarding as much as he did. He always put other people before him no matter what as you can tell in his interviews that he was a real sincere guy!
      I love skateboarding its always going to be a part of me. In all my years of skateboarding I have never really heard of too many people dying on a board. I think the last couple years some pros died from car accidents and some other things but I never thought that shit would happen like this to one of my friends. I have hit my head enough when I have gone down handrails and other shit, but I never thought it would be just like that you could die from it but it is very real; you have to keep that in mind. Well I do know he loved skateboarding and he died on his skateboard. I know none of you probably know him personally but he definitely deserves props in the skateboarding industry he kept the scene alive when it was dead like we all have he was my inspiration and I miss him.
      I guess he is going to be cremated and his mom is going to sprinkle his ashes in the ocean. That would be really cool if you could post anything on Danny he definitely deserves it. I know he would have loved to be remembered in the Skateboarding culture! Thank you for everything. Danny talked highly about alot of people I didn't know so I know that he would have wanted you all to know that he passed away in the name of Remembrance of a true survivor and skateboarder!! One Love !!!!! R.I.P. Danny Larson 1974 - 2001

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