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Santa Claus

The man with the boardz and goodz!

Has everybody been good? Hope so cause this time of year, this is the hunk who matters.

I realize most Santa's are chubby little dudes who look like they haven't exercised in hundreds of years, sit in a big comfy chair, smoking a pipe, all warm cause it's snowing outside, and kind of like Tony Hawk have huge lines of kids waiting to have a few words with him.

Well, this is Santa Cruz Santa. Sorry but it's just how it is here. We do our best. Sometimes we're even a little bit naughty, but nothing to shake a pipe at, err I mean driftwood, excuse me, I mean stick.

Real Skate thanks all my hunks of this year, our first year in operation. And in case you haven't discovered hunkhood criteria, I will disclose it now. A hunk to me is just a plain ole nice guy. NICE and SWEET holds the key, not only to the hearts of ladies, but to the world. It's nothing about looks. It's about heart and soul, and appreciation.

Happy Holidays to everybody whatever your choice of celebration is and cheers to all the young ladies who follow these Hunks pages religiously. I'm sure Santa will be good to all who are good, and who keep it real.

I love you SANTA! Thanks for being my hunk!

(P.S. You did get my diamond earring letter again this year right?)


Photo by Jim Thompson, courtesy of Seabright Press, Inc. . Portions of their proceeds help organizations that protect the natural beauty of the California coastline.





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