Middletown, Delaware

From the TWS Bulletin Board: Date: March 13, 2000
Author: Dan Easterwood (twiztedsk8erguy@aol.com)
Two years ago, our town decided to build us a skatepark, when they took it to the town council, it was overturned by parents; they were afraid people would get hurt. But we kept trying and trying and we got them to do it again, and this time, it wasn't overturned. The town of Middletown, Delaware said that the skatepark would be built for us. About 6 months later, they poured the concrete slab for it, and that was where it stopped. They have been bullshitting us telling us that it is being worked on, but they aren't doing shit. Finally, my friends and I decided to take matters into our own hands, we started putting up quarter pipes and stealing parking blocks and stuff, so far it is doing good, but we are out of money and supplies, we need help. If you have any ideas or want to give *donations, (any amount will help a lot and be greatly appreciated). We really need the help, thanks.

Can you help?

Like Clarkie read in TWS, we our trying like hell to get our own skate park. Our town is small, so it's even harder. What's worse is that because there is no where to skate, many people have quit skating all together, now, in my high school of 1,200, there are about 20 skaters left, if that. But I know a lot of people will start skating again if we get a park up. There is one slight problem with this though, we have no money. All we have right now is 3 parking blocks, 3 crappy quarter pipes, a big launch ramp, and a little launch ramp, we have a concrete slab to build on. All we need is money, supplies, and ideas. We are getting some benches, rails, and some more parking blocks soon, but we still need money and supplies, we want to add better quarter pipes, some good rails, and a whole lot of everything, mini pipes, maybe even a half pipe. But we need all the help we can get. If you have any ideas, or would like to donate, any amount, e-mail me at DAN and I will send you an *address for your donations, thank you.

*Donations will be collected by the City of Middletown.



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