Elissa Steamer Interview by Clarkie

Well, if someone does invent an Elissa doll, it undoubtedly will be one that does NOT talk! Just skates! So, how do you get an interview with a famous skate pro, who's poster child for the privacy act? Easy, you ask her Mom to MAKE her do it! And that's just about how this interview came down. I caught Elissa at her cool mom's in Florida after the Tampa competition, and she MADE her do it. Heeeeeeeeeeeere's Elissa!

How did you do at the comp this week?
It doesn't matter, I had a good time.

Do you like competing?
I like skating whether its for competition or fun.

Is it stressful?

Are you ever disappointed if you don't do as well as you hoped?
No, I just want to skate.

When you compete do you compete with men or are their women's divisions?
Sometimes there are girls' contests, but mostly just guys.

Do you ever skate longboards?
No, you can't do any tricks on them.

Are female skaters stereotyped?
Not me.

Do your female friends skate?
No, they don't.

Do you think men would rather women do other things besides skateboarding?
You should ask a man.

Do you think women get enough support from men pros?
I do.

Who are your biggest fans, men or women?
It depends where I'm at and what's going on.

Did you grow up with Andrew Reynolds in Florida? He mentioned you in his Thrasher interview.
No, but I used to see him at contests.

Who is your mentor?
Eric Ellington.

Do you do your own board graphics?
No, my friends do them.

What do you think about skateboarding as an Olympic event?
I think it would be fantastic, but I think it is too punk for the Olympics.

What other interests do you have besides skating?
I like to shop.

Do you wear Poot clothes?
I like the corduroy pants, I am wearing a pair right now.

If a little girl who idolized you wanted to be a skate pro just like you, what would your advice to her be?
Push with your back foot and bend your knees; don't stick your ass out.

What other sports do you do?
I used to play golf, but now I just skate.


What are your future plans?
I plan to skate and make money.

Will you teach me how to skate?
Skating is an individual effort, keep trying.

Elissa, thank you very much for taking time out to do this interview, I know what a private person you are but your fans will appreciate it very much. I'll look forward to following you all throughout your career.
No problem.



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