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Aeden Mica Munoz-Smith

OK, this is cheating a little, but I wanted a way to show off Gabe's new little boy Aeden and since Gabe was already a hunk, oh well, like I said, I'm cheating.

Yup, Gabe is a daddy (as indicated on his hat). As you probably guessed Gabe is on our staff. In fact Gabe is the rider in our Real Skate fire hydrant corner picture in almost all our pages without a particular theme.

Aeden is our youngest hunk and what a good little skater. Just imagine only a few hours old and already been featured in a skateboard mag! Now I'll have to find a way to come up with the world's smallest Real Skate T-shirt.

Good luck Aeden, Gabe and Mom who had a part in producing the world's next grom too.



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