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Ahhhhhhh February, the month of LOVE! What hunk better representz the month of love than the Chocolate Silk Daddy himself....the man most likely to send a dozen red long ones ....SAD, the "perfect pro" I use to call him.

SAD and I worked together at 60/40 Skateboards back in the day, and we've kept in close contact since. We take good care of each other. I do his taxes for him (er, um, well, maybe we better not go there), help him out with industry related business stuff, (actually we better not go there either), and even though he's very health conscious, he calls me for advice on alternative herbal remedies for his injuries and common illnesses (tsk tsk). He does a lot for me too, but I can't remember what that is exactly at the moment. j/k

SAD is a sweetie; a wolf in lamb's clothing, (I didn't get that right, did I?), although some of his messages left on my answering machine have prompted my house-sitting neighbors to call the police! I go "Hey, chill down people, it's just a skate pro." They go, "Oh."

The Chocolate Silk Daddy is currently riding for Arcade Skateboards out of San Diego, Stamina Clothing, and I think still for Grind King. If the latter two aren't correct I'll zap the links and make them pay dearly to put them back up (I love talking like that, it's so business-like).

If you would like to contact SAD, I screen all his inquiries; hey, for tax purposes ya know? Seriously, we'll get him online and involved with Real Skate real soon, complete with skate shots. He skates good; a perfect pro!

SAD, even though you don't know I'm doing this, thank you and Happy Valentines Day! I *double smooch* you with chocolate sprinkles on top ohhhhhh yeahhhh baby!


Photo of SAD taken and screwed up by the Clarksta due to opening my camera before rewinding. Don't do this at home, kids, please. The pic of me and SAD was taken by some drunk pro at the ASR trade show, (again, my screw up - same roll). As we say here in the land of laid backness - Oh well.






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