... I feel the young people
of today will carry a brighter torch than any of us of earlier days have ignited and held aloft."
Ansel Adams     


Photo Gallery (continued)

Steve Mummert, frontside flip off ledge                   photo Chris Wisner

Steve Mummert, kickflip off ledge downton Hanover photo Chris Wisner

Steve Mummert, kickflip down a four set of Dr. office photo Chris Wisner
Steve Ryan, Belfast N.I., St. Annes Cathedral         photo Gary McCall
Felipe "Mona" Opazo, Kickflip in Talcahuano, Chile    photo Francisco Calquin

Sean Plant, an ollie over a large ledge.                      photo Teddy Kohls

Donny Barley, kickflip wallride at a demo.                  photo Teddy Kohls

Billy Ryun at new Logan public skate park         photo Scott Estes
Billy Ryun at the new Logan public skate park       photo Scott Estes
Shaun  - noseslide                           photo by Mitchel



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