... I feel the young people
of today will carry a brighter torch than any of us of earlier days have ignited and held aloft."
Ansel Adams     


Photo Gallery (continued)

Mar, downtown Dallas - nose slide                            photo Anthony
Erok, Dallas - carving a now non-existent pool      photo Anthony
Anthony, Dallas - carving same pool as above         photo Erok
Stephen, Carrolton TX - backside 180 over gap            photo Anthony
Brad - pop shuvit                                            photo Shane
Nick - handstand                                          photo Shane
Nate Petty - switch kickflip over the pac pride gap,   photo DW Knight
Todd Hepner, Australia - nine stair                      photo Michael
Rich, Lawton MI - 360 shuv-it                   photo Cliff Niskala
Andrew Boddy, frontside tailslide           photo TJ Watt
Oliver Pirquet, frontside noseslide            photo TJ Watt
Cort Watt, backside feeble                     photo TJ Watt
Paul Ukrainitz, frontside flip photo                    TJ Watt
Paul Ukrainitz, thinking                             photo TJ Watt
Adam Smith, Newfoundland - 5 set ollie          photo Dane
Adam Smith, Newfoundland - 360 flip            photo Dane
Logan Williams, Columbus OH - indy grab            photo Unknown




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