Guys Vs. Girls by Abbey Whitney

There is a lot of controversy over guys vs. girls in the skateboarding world. Yeah, I admit it right now in pro skateboarding guys are doing great things. Like big or should I say huge air (Danny Way). Lots of spins. I think we could all say Tony Hawk doing his 900 made skateboarding history. He is awesome.

     But girls are doing their thing in pro skateboarding too. At the Slam City Jam in the Helly Hansen Girls Street, Elissa Steamer won first place. She hits it hard every time. Then in vert, Jen O'Brien won first also. If you guys think there are no chicks out there who can skate, then I really think you should talk to those two female skaters.

     You can just tell when someone is dedicated to skateboarding whether you are a girl or guy. It is when you really don't care if a major babe or hunk is standing by, and you're still hitting it hard trying to stick that one trick that just about kills you. Yeah, that may mean eating the pavement, getting road rash, and falling on your butt. But if you think about it, that still won't matter. Just as long as you have your board with you, anything could go wrong, but you will still be skating.

     Guys—it takes a lot for a girl to skate her hardest in front of macho guys like you. So don't criticize them just because they're not as good as you. You should be happy that this skateboarding generation we live in is growing with girls as well as guys. If you really want to score points with her help her out on a few tricks!

     Girls—don't think I am going to let you off so easily; I know how we can be. First of all don't play dumb. If you are going to skate, skate!!! Who cares what the guys think. And please don't hang out at the skatepark with your skateboard just to pick up guys. Cause it ain't working! Just be yourself and you will go a lot farther.

     Well, what else can I say, but there is some real talent out there. Most may be guys, but there are always some hard-core skater girls just waiting to be found. Stay with doing what you love and in the end, all your hard work will be rewarded with something great. And, as Clarkie would say, "keep it real."

Sk8 4-ever!




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