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Ron Whaley

I've always looked up to Ron. Usually you would use that term in a mentor or idol sense. But, towering up there at like 6'4" at least, Ron is a very tall hunk! Ron WhaleyOne hella skater too. (Is "hella" still cool to say? If not, I'm sure I will get a ruling on that from my peanut gallery.) Anyway, the other day I saw him skating UP a hill. I thought that was hella cool.
      I have a story from a few years back, at a demo for a Santa Cruz Museum exhibit downtown; the first and last (I'm sure) demo sponsored by that group of rather uptight folks. Ron, being a pro was required to proddy toss, but had kind of a distracting harem going on to the right of me. To the left of me were some little skaters sitting on the curb. With all the attention Ron was getting on the right, he walked over and just handed whole packs of stickers to these tiny little skaters, who in turn were stoked at his generosity. One of them walked in front of me, back over to Ron and said, "Hey Ron, here why don't have one of my stickers." Seems the little tyke handmade his own stickers with felt markers on some sticky substance to bring to the demo. It brought a little tear to my eye seeing this tiny little 3' boy handing that sticker to a 6'4" pro and seeing both their reactions. Ron looked at me and me at him and we just beamed at how cool this was! Ron even tore himself away from the girly attention and said to the kid, "Wow, thanks, I'm going to go put this one in my backpack so it won't get lost."  

Ron providing some footy for Thrasher videographer, Greg Smith


     I knew from that day on that Ron was hunk material. He has heart and soul. Ron is 25 and lives in Scotts Valley, in the Santa Cruz foothills. He rides for Santa Cruz, Halos, Krux, Circuit, and SkateWorks.
      The Santa Cruz team is on tour this summer and can be tracked through the NHS site. Take care, Ron and thanks!

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