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From Ann DeTienne
Whatz up all girl skaters out there! I have been skating now for 4 years, (since I was nine), and I've loved it ever since I got my first Nash. The other day I was reading Abbey Whitney's interviews and they were the best interviews I have read in a long time. I congratulate Abbey for all her efforts. I never really realized how many girl skaters there are out there until I discovered your website. Over here in Wisconsin there aren't many girl skaters. In fact I don't know any in the town were I live. I go to the skatepark allot over here which is only a few blocks from my house and I'm bound to see a girl skating there yet. So if you live in Wisconsin and want to e-mail me feel free to do so. Maybe we can go skating sometime. Skate on girls!!!!!!! — ps If you could e-mail me Abbey Whitney's e-mail address would love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

[Editor's note: Thank you Ann! Abbey would love to hear from you. She can be reached at abbey@realskate.com]

From Matt Dedrick
Dear RealSkate: I am a 14 year old diabetic skater when just recently having a session at the local skatepark got a turn for the worse. My blood sugar level went too low and was unable to do anything. I sat down and had some jelly beans in order to bring it up. While in this time of recovery some guy picked up my deck and ran. I was unable to do any thing due to my health. So I was just wondering if you could give me some ideas for a new setup. I have been skating for a while now and have become pretty good. Thank u for your time.

[Editor's note: That just sucks rotten bananas! I'm sorry to hear of your bad experience. I heard a similar story here where I live. A bodyboarder had his board stolen while he swam out to rescue another boarder from drowning, and saved his life. The Fire Department, who never would have gotten there in time, chipped in and bought him a new board. I hope other skaters and shops in your area will read this and help you out too. I've posted your letter on our message board; I'm sure someone will help you decide on a new setup. As for the guy who stole your board, he's a loser. He's setting himself up for failure because he has no humanity. Take care Matt.]

From Denise
I am the mom of a true skateboarding talent. He is 17 years old now, and literally lives on the board. He has since he was 8 or 9. I don't know what he wears out faster, the board or the shoes. He spends all of his free time at a local skate park, or building ramps in our backyard. He is awesome! And his motivation to excel and challenge himself is rare I'm sure. What can we do to have his skills directed towards a pro-career? Please e-mail any response or advice. Thank You.

[Editor's note: I'm sure every pro has their own story how they got sponsored, but when I worked in the industry, our generic answer to the hundreds of sponsor-me-vids, letters, phone calls, and lunch money bribes was "If you're rad, we'll find you." That may sound cold, but truly, exposure is the answer. Keep on supporting him and help him out by letting him travel to demos where he can skate right alongside the pros and be noticed by industry people, photographers, and shop owners. He should enter every am contest he can get to. You're an awesome mom for supporting your skater kid; huge thumbs up to you!]

From Mike Pooley
Hi, my name is Mike Pooley and I work at a skateshop called Bills Wheels in Santa Cruz. One of your mag people gave me a card at the shop the other day, so I decided to check out the site. I haven't looked at everything but from what I saw it looked pretty rad. I like the different articles your site contains. Pretty original stuff. If you guys want to do anything on the scene in Santa Cruz let me know if you need any help, or if you have any questions. Bills has been a part of the scene here for over 20 years. And we love to help. Nice Mag.

[Editor's note: Right on Mike, thanks. I'll be callin on ya I'm sure!]

From Derek Bishop
Dear Clarkie: I just wanted to thank you for driving to Gilroy to take the photo shoot with me and the rest of the team; it's good to know that there are some cool ass people out there like you!!!!! So thanks again..... Derek

[Editor's note: It's good to know there are some cool ass am's out there!]

From Jon Taube
Hi! My name Jon Taube and I have been interested in skateboarding for about a year now. I started watching the X-Games and other skateboarding shows on ESPN2 and I was like "Wow, I wish I could do that!" Finally, after like 4 months of begging, my mom let me buy a board. I have had my board for about a week now so I'm still new to all this. I don't have a fancy board or anything, there's time for those after I get down the basics. For the longest time now I have just been starving for skateboarding stuff. Then I found your mag/site. It is awesome. They have stuff for beginners like me and for more advanced people. I just wanted to say thanks and rock on.

[Editor's note: Thank you for your nice letter, Jon. With your determination, I'm sure you will become an awesome skater. Keep in touch, and let us know how you are doing!]

From TG
This is basically a letter of total appreciation of the coolest site in the world! No seriously, it really does rock and that brings me to thank you for such a wonderful site. Thank you! There ya go thats my piece said and me signing out from the UK (England; little island in middle of sea etc!)

[Editor's note: Thank you very much TG!]

From Kid
Hey I like your site because it ain't just a boy site and I like the dogs on boards and how you disigned your web page.

[Editor's note: Thank you for your nice letter kiddo!]

From Sarah
Thanx guyz! Hey! Luv this site! I think it's totally true that gurlz should get recognized for the talent that we have in extreme sports. My best guy bud introduced me to skateboarding when I was about 10. I'm now 14 and still love going shopping with my friends and skating. It's wonderful how you guys show that ALL and EVERY gurl can do the same stuff as guyz and can even be better! Thanx for the extra push to skating!

[Editor's note: You're welcome Sarah, thanx for writing!]

From Matt Dedrick
Dear Real Skate: I wrote ages ago how my board got stolen from a skatepark when I was recovering. I just wrote to tell you that I bought my new board. It is a Jamie Thomas limited edition deck, venture trucks, abec threes, and blank wheels. It is an awesome set up and I skate all the time now, thanx.

[Editor's note: Right on Matt!]

From Jay Smitka
I bought my first skateboard in the summer of 2000. It cost me like $255 and I saved forever for it. I bought it at a store called The District here in Nanaimo, BC, Canada. I've always liked The District more then Alternative Groove. Now I skated pretty hard for about a month or two, and then it happened. I stopped, I slacked. Why you ask? Lets see the undeserved calls of "Poser" just because I was learning, or didn't look like a typical skater. The fact that people dissed me because I had an expensive skate for my first skate, even though I worked my ass off at my job to get that money. Who knows what it was, but I slacked.
      Then just yesterday I was walking into my garage and I saw it, lying there in the corner, looking lonely, abused and unwanted. And I grabbed that skate and I went outside, and I sucked, I sucked HARD. I hadn't skateboarded for months; the kickflips, shuv its, boardslides and ollie manuals where all gone; here came the crashes, tumbles, falls and cries of pain. But I got my ass up, time and time again and I skated for hours. You see I'm starting from scratch with ollies and manuals. I can't relate to the so called "New School." I can't relate to much at all, and I certainly can't relate to all this hype. I've decided that I don't give a damn if they call me a poser, because I love to skate even when I'm crashing and falling. I don't care, skating is the funnest experience of my life.
      So right now I'm saying to all the skateboarders who look down on other skaters because you're better, or more hardcore, or more typical, to piss off! I have just as much of a right to skate as anyone else. Everyone has the right to skate and if they enjoy it, as far as I'm concerning no one should judge who's a poser. If your a poser, you know it, so go inside and screw off!                       — Jay Smitka, 14 Years Old, Nanaimo, BC, Canada

[Editor's note: Yeah! (what Jay said!). I think skaters who diss beginning skaters and call them posers don't deserve the title "skater."

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