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From Sarah Servais-Rusecki
Hi Clarkie: My son, Kyle, is 15 and his dream is to be a cartoonist. This is his very first cartoon and I'm sending it to Real Skate! I don't receive your newsletter, but would be interested in getting a copy and checking it out. Thank you for taking the time to check it out! Would appreciate any feedback you might have. Thank you again!

"The Adventures of Paul"                                                  by Kyle Servais, Cartoonist

[Editor's note: What do you mean wants to "be" one, he IS one! Awesome, Kyle keep up the good work.]

From Conor Magill
Hi! My name is Conor Magill and I live in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland; it's near Belfast. I've been skating for about 3 months, I can Ollie, land Kickflip one footed, Casper, 50:50, Manual, Nose Manual, Rock'n'Roll, and some other stuff but I only skate for fun. I can't really get out much because it's either raining or wet and I haven't been able to skate for about a month and a half cause it's winter. My favourite skaters are Gershon Mosley, James Craig, Bam Margera, and Eric Koston. I really like your site, especially the dogz on boards page, SWEET!!!!

[Editor's note: I love the name of your town, you should invent a trick and name it "The Carrickfergus!" Thanks for your nice compliment on the dogz page.]

From Carol Hermstad
My 15 year old son (Conrad) drew what I think is a really good picture of a boy skateboarding. If I scan it and send it to you would you consider putting it on your site? He is a talented artist and his art teacher is giving him an "F" because I forgot to give him the $15 art lab fee. I give his art teacher an "F" and am looking for an avenue to vent. Thanks.

[Editor's note: HELLO Conrad's art teacher, here's a big "F" from Real Skate for "YOU"! (Correlation in effect here.) Isn't it your job to teach and evaluate ART and grade according to talent? I'm sure fees are required, but what does that have to do with a grade on schoolwork? Don't you know that most 15 year olds don't have jobs and it's their parents responsibility to pay their fees? To punish a talented artistic young man by making him a failure because you are playing bill collector is the epitome of educational policy. Well look here, teacher, Conrad just got his artwork PUBLISHED in a recognized magazine. Perhaps a better "grade" on his resume than yours! And perhaps this story on his vita in the future may make him a potential "art teacher of the year" recipient.]

From Laura Duncan
The Definition of Punk:
P Popular. When punks first came out, they were despised. Parents were disappointed, and kids were made fun of. Nowadays, being punk is 'in'. Teenage girls and boys are wearing safety pins on their clothes and patches on their backpacks, because it's the cool thing to do.
U Unique. Punks are unlike anyone else you'll ever meet. They have a style all their own, and their music pops the eardrums of infrequent listeners. They can have fun anywhere they go, as long as there are good people around.
N No boundaries. Punks will go anywhere and do anything to have a good time. May it be a crazy rave in an old warehouse or a mosh at a local concert, punks know no limits.
K Kick ass. Being a punk is the best thing that you could ever know. You make good friends, have fun, and live life to the fullest. It doesn't matter where you come from or what you look like if you're a punk. You're just a punk, nothing more to say. In my opinion, if you're a punk, you're happy. I know I am, and I never regret the path I chose. So make a decision about what to do with your life. I completely believe that being punk is the way to go. PUNKS RULE! God Bless.

From Sarah-Mae
Hi I'm Sarah-Mae and I would just like to tell that I did my speech on Elissa Steamer and won first place in all the comps so far; so I'm doing very well with my prize-winning speech. Can I ask you 1 question? Do you no if skateboadering comps. are coming to Rio Linda soon or if they're ever coming here? Well if you like my E-mail you can E-mail me back. Oh yeah if you would like to know my age I'm only 11.

[Editor's note: Wow, congratulations! If you would like to send us your speech I will publish it on Gurlz on Boardz. That should make your teacher happy! Call your local skateshop to find out about demos and comps coming your way. Thank you for your letter.]

From Mario Kranjec
Hi! My name is Mario and I'm from Croatia and I skate, but I just started. Until now I was roller bladeing (agressive stuff). I have few friends and they are good skaters! In the town where I live we don't have skate park but we are trying to make some ramps, rails, and fun boxes. I have just learned ollie and some other easy stuff! o.k. that's it from me, I love your web site!
p.s. soon I will finish our sk8 web page and then I'll send you address so you can see Croatian skaters and I have cool pictures of us skating for your gallery. (Sorry on my english!!!)

[Editor's note: Mario thank you, I look forward to seeing your website, we will link to it when it's up and ready. In the meantime, please do send some pics for our gallery. Any girl skaters in Croatia?]

From: Tim Harrison
Hey my name is Tim, I've been skating a little over a year, to be perfectly honest I have never really been good at any sport in my life. I was lame at football - (to the disappointment of my dad) and was too unfit to play rugby. But since I started skating I have lost weight and got fitter and I have something which I do for about 2 hours every school night and for about 15 hours at the weekend. My mates have suddenly got respect for me because I'm getting alright; I can do ollies, fakie ollies, heelfips, kickflips, sex changes, heelflip sex changes, 180 flips, frontside and backside flips, 360 flips, 180s, fakie 180 reverts, shuvits, 360 shuvits, bs shuvits. I'm really chuffed and I have the skating bug badly. On weekdays I usually have no one to skate with so I go on my own but it's a cool way to take your mind of things, especially when there is little else to do in my half hearted village in the southwest of England. I would recommend this sport to any one even if they aren't sporty usually it's unlike any other sport I've ever been involved in. Cheers (and nice site).

[Editor's note: Thanks for your letter, Tim, skate on!]

From: Dougal Barraclough
Hey bros just saying that your site is chronic. I have been sk8ing for about 1 and a half years and I can nearly ollie and sometimes tic-tac. My most recent trick that I have learnt is going down really, really big hills sitting down but sometimes I get the death wobbles and fall off, so my mum comes and gets me and puts iodine on my cuts and bandaids but sometimes I don't even need bandaids cause they don't hurt enough and the iodine used to hurt but it doesn't any more. And the last time I fell off and I ripped my yellow skivvy and mum like fully went sic at me. Soon I think I will be able to go down bigger hills and tic-tac at the same time but I hope there aren't any sticks on the road because when you hit them your wheels like lock up and you fall off and because your going down a hill your going really fast and so you fall off and it really hurts sometimes, I have run out of yellow skivvys though cause I always fall off. I have also been working on a new trick that's called a gutter drop, it's like when you go along and drop off a gutter when your moving. Anyway catch ya later.

[Editor's note: Thanks Dougal, please be careful, maybe you should wear some head gear?

From: Kathy Fish
Hi, my name is Kathy and I have just bought a board from a local shop and am learning to skate so that my two boys and I can go to our local skate parks together and skate. I had an interesting introduction to the skater world from my 70 year old mother. I am such a beginner that I don't even know where to start. Any hints on how to figure out the foot stance thing? I wake board and wake skate so I thought this would be a piece of cake, but I need some help. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I love that there is a site that is open for everyone. I checked out some other sites and didn't feel comfortable confessing my inabilities and that I am a "wanna be" mom.

[Editor's Note: Read an essay Kathy wrote for her college writing class. It explains her winding up on a skateboarding website asking for trick tips! Next thing you know she'll be wanting stickers and for me to sponsor her! Thank you for your submission, Kathy, you go Mom!]

Skater Punks, by Kathy Fish

From: Rebecca Scavone
Great Site! Hey there, I just wanted to let everyone know how much I appreciate seeing websites devoted to female skaters. I myself happen to skate and happen to be female. A perfect world for me would have the ratio of girl vs. guy skaters be equal. I myself am working to make that happen. I recently skated in two professional competitions, and am so disappointed in the division between the sexes. I love your site because it helps to encourage us girls not to give up in a heavily male dominated sport. Thanks again for giving us the well deserved attention. Girls rule!

[Editor's Note: Thank you, Rebecca yes they do!

From: Kris Redner
What's Up Real Skate! My name Kris Redner and I've been skating for almost two years and it's been the best thing that has happened to me. And I owe a lot of it to Rodney Mullen because of his parts in all of his videos. The first video I saw was Rodney vs. Daewon round 2. Since then all I've been doing is pushing my limits and seeing what I can do on a skateboard. So, just want to say thank you Rodney Mullen and get some new video part's out with some more new tricks, hopefully involving rusty and primoslides. PEACE!

From: Amanda
Hey!! My name is Amanda I'm 15 years old and live in Northampton, Massachusettes. I just started skateboarding about three weeks ago or so and I love it!!! I can't stop, I skate everyday after school it's just so much fun. I now wish I started when I was younger as I started to become interested in it watching all the guys do it. Well, I finally got one and I'm the only girl in my town to do it. I've gotton some weird looks but its all worth it. I also think my boyfriend dumped me because I started to skate but anyways I wrote to thank you so much for including girl skaters in your webpage its awsome.  ***if any girls out there are thinking about or is interested in skateboarding don't sit there and think about it like I did for three years ....Just do it and have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*** thanx again, Amanda

From: Dean Kretchmer
Hey gee dog. Hows it goin brudda. Yeh I like your site it like another different world. I full got tripped out wen I saw your dogs on boards. Im just here to tell my homies to keep it real. Yeh I have been skating for 6 years and I broke my arm and poped my sholder out of place when I tryed to ollie 18 stairs. It was fully worth it though cause I got pulled by a moto bike onto the stairs. But I misjudged the timing and face-planted down the whole 18 stairs. Well I have to go now..my mums calling me to make my bed...all u homies out there that keep it real at least in heaven we can sk8. cya l8r doggs...peace out...

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