Linda Vaughan Interview by Clarkie

Linda Vaughan is a kick-ass 26 year old skater from Canada. I met her through her web page for chicks! Mama Rides Ramp.

Linda I love your webpage. What inspired you?
I started my web page for the same reasons you're writing you're articles and I was sure surprised to find out about all the other women out there skating.

What brought skateboarding into your life?
I picked it up for reasons that most chicks would barf at... My husband was always out skating, and I was tired of sitting at home while he was out. So I asked him to set up an old deck for me. I got all padded up and then went to my buddies backyard ramp. I fell and slammed and fell and etc. But after a few hippers and twisted ankles I was riding transition. And what fun it was.

Are you sponsored?
I am a novice skater. I am not sponsored but my set up is Mad Circle with Destructo trucks and some hand-me down wheels.

Do you have any kids?
Not yet. Still working on that. But I sure would love to see some little rippers around. I just hope they don't stray to the dark side... fruit booting.

What does your husband think about you skating, do you skate together?
Well my husband taught me to skate. And what patience he has... For the most part we skate together, although he gets a lot of free time with his buddies. You know sometimes I just don't want to skate with him. And I think there are times when he really wants his space too.

Who do you skate with?
Well mostly Jason, my hubby and a couple of our close friends, Joel and Mark. It's a relatively small posse but I like it that way. No pressure.

What made you so determined to skate, rather than find a more "girly" type sport?
Well I've always been interested in "boys" sports. When I was little I was a Tom Boy. (I remember when I first got breasts I was so disappointed cause I'd have to start wearing a shirt in the summertime.) So yeah anyway, I've always loved the non-girly sports. I used to ski on the Canadian Freestyle Development Team in Moguls. And then I took up snowboarding and in both sports, I love going big and going fast. So skating is naturally the next step.

What do you think about the American skate scene now, with so many new companies and new pros?
Well I haven't seen much of the states, never skated there. Actually I find both countries' scenes hard to keep up with. I am really happy to see some more chicks breaking ground. I think it is excellent to give young girls the role models they want. Screw "Barbie" I think little girls should get "Elissa" or "Cara-Beth" dolls.

How do you feel about skateboarding possibly becoming an Olympic event?
AH whatever. If it helps legitimize the sport, why not.

Do you have any skateboard idols?
I love Elissa Steamer. I can't believe how hard she skates and how hard she falls.

It looks like the big E has agreed to let me interview her in a few days for Gurlz on Boardz. If so do you have any specific questions for her?
Yeah, ask her if she wants to stay at my house when she comes to skate the Calgary Skatepark. It opens in October 1999 (if we don't have snow). It will be the largest, free outdoor park in North America. Well maybe just invite her to skate the park.

I'll pass along the invitation. Linda, on behalf of Gurlz on Boardz and all the skate betty's of the world, thank you so much for taking the time to share yourself with us. One last question: Will you teach me how to skate ramp?
I sure will, Clarkie, that would rock!



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